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It’s a Zipp and Sunny episode, so you knew it was going to be good. That’s one of the things I like about G5: the pairings actually mean something. With Zipp and Sunny, you’re getting an episode where they do some investigating and learn about the past.
The episode is also a reminder of how far they’ve come. They’re exploring the ruined castle of the villain they defeated. Zipp is so much more caring and eager to help than she was at the start of TYT. And Sunny only reminds us how awesome she is when the situation calls for it.
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Honestly, Zipp pairs really well with all of them:
Zipp+Sunny: Sunny is the Hero, Zipp is the Lancer. Sunny actually feels like the main character when Zipp is supporting her.
Zipp+Pipp: Royal Sisters, always a highlight
Zipp+Hitch: Team Mom and Team Dad
Zipp+Misty: Best Ponies
Zipp+Izzy: Uh…I don’t actually remember many Zipp and Izzy moments. Well, 4/5 ain’t bad.
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Is Skyros the place of only natural born alicorns?
That has to be the case right?
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I watched The Lone Alicorn in English today. It was so good…that I’m just going to get this out of the way…
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Yeah, I think this episode might even be better than Starscout Code. That dream sequence at the start was a banger (HITCH AS AN ALICORN), I absolutely loved seeing them go back to Opaline’s lair, and having another adventure-focused story where we get more development for alicorn lore and Sunny’s character is just…I can’t believe this ended up being our first episode to have an English release delay. Our first Season 2 episode to be so good, I’m okay with Comet not being in it.
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On a side note I guess those 3 other alicorns on that photo will play a big part when they get to Skyros?
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Could you see Sunny bonding with Spike because he reminds her of her dad?
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How much does Discovery Family still own of FiM?
Is it all of it or just Seasons 5 through 9?
And how much of Seasons 5 through 9 do they own?
Does Hasbro for G5 have to get have to get premission to not just characters from there but events from those seasons too?
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@Background Pony #177A
Don’t know the details, but from what I know of the network and copyright circumstances behind Life in Hell/The Tracy Ullman Show/The Simpsons*, and Making Fiends, they own either Seasons 5-9 entirely except for characters and elements introduced previously, Seasons 5-9 entirely in addition to characters and elements introduced previously, or the entirety of G4.
*Citation from Wikipedia: (Italics added by me for emphasis)
Brooks asked Groening to pitch an idea for a series of animated shorts, which Groening initially intended to present as his Life in Hell series.[4] Groening later realized that animating Life in Hell would require the rescinding of publication rights for his life’s work, and passed on the offer. Richard Sakai contacted Groening to see if he had any other characters he would be willing to let Fox merchandise, and, in short, Groening developed a dysfunctional family that became the Simpsons.
This is just from my own personal understanding of how US copyright law works, though, so take it with not just a grain of salt, but the entire lifetime production of Cheetham Saltworks in Geelong.
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