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but in the Alicorn Sunny concept art they use a reference to create the look of Twilight from The Last Problem with a photo from the episode, and the tree of harmony in the concept art has the same look as in the ninth season
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Also I remember the A New Generation movie went into production before the start of season 9 I believe
You can say probably that the events of season 9 aren’t canon to G5 as a excuse
As the ANG movie is part of G5, it means that S4-S9 from G4 is also canon in MYM and TYT, it just can’t be retrieved because the Cooks at Hasbro refuse to pay for rights from Discovery who refuse to give them away or accept less payment. Thus, TYT 2.0 will have to bypass S4-S9 in the year 2024, and as E05 has revealed, will take a lot from elsewhere such as G1 and other entertainment mediums such as children’s books for example. Since Berrow has quit or been fired, others have come in and then we’ll see if they can do better. Berrow’s mistake is possibly that she relied too much on Meghan McCarthy when the dilemma of the alicorn Twilight was to be resolved.
So far, cameos have only been seen in the form of images showing G4 figures, such as Celestia and Luna in G5.
Fluffy Heart is logically the best choice because she was born in G4, and will be fully grown if she appears in G5, as she had little stage time as a filly. But she was born in S6, and then the possibility that she will not be present is strong. Celestia and Luna are uncertain, as is Cadance - so Twilight remains. The magical tapesty showed her cutie mark with minor changes even if it also contained the symbol of magic, and perhaps it meant that she had moved to Skyros. Or that she had become a symbol for all alicorns in G5.
Opaline suggests that Twilight is still alive, but that was before she saw the Wishing Star.
If Skyros exists - a question that arises, why won’t the alicorns help out Equestria when Opaline was on the loose? Why was Spike reserved when talking about Skyros when we know he found the memory of Twilight’s fight against Opaline uncomfortable? It could mean that Spike does not like the situation around the other alicorns, who had not helped in their darkest hour.
Maybe Twilight manipulated the New Mane 6, as seen with Misty in E05 and possibly when Sunny’s magic came into contact with the tapesty in E07, because we know that Sunny got her alicorn powers from the Unity Crystals that were created by Twilight.
Then it means that Twilight may have a plan for her successor, and Spike who had noted her as a princess, may come into the picture. He is the one who knows the most about Skyros. It makes the choice of Misty as the guardian of the Brighthouse logical, as her elemental magic is strong and with her element Empathy she would be the right pony for such a role.
If that’s the case, we can look forward to episodes about Zipp, Izzy, Hitch and Pipp.
If there is a friendship problem among the alicorns - that in itself will be a very big challenge for Sunny and her friends. Then it’s a good thing that Sunny has the locket of the Rainbow of Light, which is possibly the only thing that can hold back entire hordes of alicorns.
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Also when Luna and Celestia were shown it was only in their filly form and they weren’t been mentioned by name they were literally just referred by Opaline as “They”
I wouldn’t if Luna and Celestia would cost a lot just to be named dropped
And that’s the only time they are appeared in G5 so far
river mines

I know, I also didn’t want to watch new episodes because I knew Sprout wouldn’t be in them, but that just led me down strange paths, don’t make the same mistakes as me, don’t lose faith! But if you lose, know that selling your soul to Pinkie Pie in exchange for Comet showing up won’t work.
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A weird bad dream I had last night
I had a bad dream that Tell Your Tale showed Shining Armor falling off a castle to his and that’s why everything turned to shit in G5
And people on here were complaining about it saying that MLP has been ruined and somehow it was my fault
That would never happened on TYT right?
Imagine all the little kids that would be traumatized from that!
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I’d call Season 2 of TYT an improvement over Season 1.
I’d still rather have more MYM, though.
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And now that I look at it:
Assuming Opaline returns (Keyword: Assuming, although I doubt it), I could see her being frenemies with Allura.
Again, this is my assumption.
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