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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread


I’m a bit confused… wasn’t there a basically confirmed by now rumour which more or less identified the leads?
As for age, I’m guessing similar to the Mane 6.
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Do you think they will get celebrities to voice some characters or will they stick to union voice actors?
I’m guessing they will stick to union personally, because if they had any big actors they would have announced them by now.
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@Brass Beau  
Yeah I could see someone like, Justin Long, Ben Schwatrz or Ginnifer Goodwin getting a role. But they may stick to union because it’s cheaper, they may get one minor celeb if anything.
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I honestly think we will get union voice actors mostly with some celebs rarely here and there, I could see guest star format though, just like in the last gen, which could be nice. (Weird Al was amazing as Cheese and I will die on that hill.)
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Hmmm, that could be quite nice, though that still leaves the question of M6 fate, which honestly, I’d like to know about. I could even see them having a sorta cult around them, which could be interestingly tied into whoever rules the Neoequestria.
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My headcanon is Twilight is hiding out somewhere, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Dash lived peaceful lives but are no longer with us, but they still have their descendants here. And finally Applejack is a very old pony watching over her great great how many great grandchildren….
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I think the G5 cast will be middle school aged, or maybe first half of high school (if they were humans). Hitch is probably older than most of them and has a job (explaining his badge). Or, he’s closer to their ages (maybe older high school) and is a junior sheriff-in-training.
I’m leaning towards Hitch being Sunny’s older brother and having a role and personality similar to Sokka from ATLA.
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Actually, yes! One of the concepts mentioned there that carried over to the final product is that unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies would live in different places. However, this concept obviously had some adjustments since then!
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