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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #3112
Given that image of Zipp. What if she has heterochromia and it is bullied because of it? Then she finds Sunny Starscout and the others and they become friends because they are all rejected by their differences. Pipp has ‘weird’ wings, Sunny wants to be friends with other species, for Hitch I don’t know what it would be.
Background Pony #3E41
I think there’s supposed to be two male characters in the main cast, and if it follows the same pattern as 2 per species, then the male character should be a unicorn. Assuming Pipp (Zipp’s twin sister) is a part of the main cast.
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Okay, so how old are our new main characters? Foals as suggested by this EQD comment? I’m personally thinking high school/college age, but that’s just me. That bag does look like it could be a filly guides bag, with the medals, though said medals are of M6 cutie marks, and she’s a blank flank, though magic has gone and cutie marks are tied to magic as seen in Twilight’s Kingdom…
Background Pony #CA86
Teenagers for the upcoming humanized movie that’ll come in a few years.
Background Pony #9141
I’m hoping it’s going to be like the dark crystal age of resistance when it comes to storytelling, although I don’t know if they would go that dark.
Background Pony #CA86
Haha. My reasoning is I think the characters should be old enough to be able to live alone and have jobs (Hitch definitely seems like some kind of guard or police pony), but still young enough to draw in their targeted audience (I’ve noticed most kid shows don’t use adults as main characters).
Background Pony #CA86
I’m getting more used to the faces, but the human-like teeth still freak me out.
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