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I dunno. Her hair is braided in the back instead of using a scrunchie to hold a ponytail on the side of her head. Or is that more of a late 80’s thing? It’s all blending together now.
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I sort of have two theories as to how G4 leads to G5. The first theory is the one I mentioned previously, where G4 is an old legend in G5, but didn’t happen literally, leaving the two worlds separate while letting the former inspire the latter.  
The second is that someone or something came along and defeated Twilight, and whoever is currently in charge, if it is indeed a council of Alicorns, are the ones who defeated the threat, but proved not to be as apt at ruling as Twilight.

Oohh yes, or maybe combined those both up. Let’s say, Twilight is a alicorn everything is right in the world etc. Twilight’s been lonely, so she’s been choosing worthy ponies to continue the legacy. The Rule of Alicorns are good at first but they rule a bit more “stronger” than what Twilight taught them.
As time goes on and more ponies replacing the old, the group becomes more haughty, prideful, and a lot more meaner. Stranded from what they once were,they start looking down on the ponies. They worry because the ponies could revolt. So the alicorns “Divided and Conquered”.
Fast forward to gen 5, the alicorns are more covert and hidden from the rest.Due to how much time passed the legends of the main six changes.The Alicorns also twist and change it to fit the “division agenda” or whatever. It gets turned into a old cartoon , but no on actually believe the story because it all “fantasy”.  
I don’t know just probably overthinking it 😆.
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So it’s all Twilight’s fault. Dang, I knew making her an alicorn was a mistake.
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I’m wondering how many “It’s all Twilight’s fault” jokes the fandom’s gonna make if this is actually true.
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The G5 movie is in 3D and the show will be in 2D like the mlp movie right?
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Ah, well…
Alright. I guess the faces will take some time getting used to. Especially the teeth.
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Putting G5 in the same world as G4 despite the drastic change in mindsets, seeing everything Twilight worked for go up in smoke, the emphasis on how everyone can make a difference—as opposed to the Mane 6 being god-chosen saviors without whom the world is doomed, no ifs or buts—the fact that Sunny is trying to help for no other reason than she wants to make the world a better place rather than being thrown into the job because she was at the premiere villain’s ground zero…
This whole premise makes me wonder if the show makers aren’t keeping an entire deconstructor armada up their sleeves. There’s a lot to deconstruct about the Magic of Friendship~ and the way G4 handled it, after all.
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That’s my concern as well, and shows the pitfalls of essentially playing in Faust’s and McCarthy’s sandbox. I mean, the central theme of G4 was the magic of friendship. Where else do you go with that in a setting that already examined that? If it was it’s own thing, it would be much less of a problem, since the writers aren’t as beholden to previous continuity and themes as before.
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