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Yeah. I think it might have been better if Allura didn’t find out about the Nova charm and just found a portal to go through. At least then, she’d have a reason to dilly dally around Equestria rather than just not go over to the lighthouse hypnotize Izzy to give her the charm and that’s it.
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Tirek eating magical land grown grass could already power him to the same level 4 state. Now those villains need the artifacts before doing anything.
That’s why I think Opaline is both cunning but also cocky due to two different portrayals of her.
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Good to see the mirror pool still works :P
When you say that… these ponies were isolated for a long time with a small population too small to exist for many generations. You need several thousand individuals to have a strong and healthy population, and in G4 there was no problem with having small communities as long as it was possible for the ponies to go from one to the other.
These auroricorns are able to manipulate the sky with their magic by being able to create auroras and turn these into crystals - which can be called stars, as auroras came from starlight. It means they can manipulate the atmosphere in a way that surpassed anything seen in G4, even the pegasi don’t come close. But it is dangerous, radiation from space should not be underestimated. Electronics can be damaged by this.
Since it cannot be a matter of a different dimension, it is possible that Starlight Ridge is located in the Frozen North, which is inaccessible because the weather conditions there could be deadly - the Crystal Empire had to be protected with a shield created by the crystal heart fed with magic from the crystal ponies. Allura couldn’t get out of Starlight Ridge or the living area around the auroicorns, as this would mean her death - she was stranded. So she forced the auroricorns to produce as many auroras as possible, to have a star that could create a portal out to the rest of the world. Her behavior and knowledge of auroicorns suggest that she had come from other regions.
Allura is technically the first monster in G5, she is a chimeric creature like a winged snow leopard called Aq Bars that thrives in cold lands like the snowy mountains and windswept desert plains of central Asia from Siberia to the Himalayas. She may have come from a land of high and cold mountains when she went on a mission related to her brother, and may have come to Starlight Ridge only to find that there was no way forward.
Equestria seems to be her final destination. We don’t know what her goal is, but her brother is central to it. Perhaps we will find out what had happened to the chimeric monsters that were once very common in G4?
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Should the writers say that Opaline was originally a light alicorn, to go with the Pony Satan theme?
Remember that Lucifer means “Bringer of Light”.
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Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get an answer to this question regarding other species, as far as I remember correctly, most of them appeared in later seasons and Hasbro doesn’t have the rights to them.
The Characters they don’t own (allegedly). A species being copyrighted is not the case given that they’re all Misty mythical creatures from throughout history, or just regular animals. Nobody can copyright that.
In fact some of them (like the seaponies) were used in previous generations before even 4.
Abyssinians, hippogriffs and ornithians came from the G4 movie, so these can be freely used in G5, and much of the lore from IDW comics such as S10 can be retrieved. Griffins and diamond dogs can possibly also be used because these already appeared in the first season of G4. But when it comes to these from S4-S9 it becomes a bit problematic, especially yaks can be affected by this. The design of the dragons in G5 had to be developed possibly because it had been forbidden to reuse G4 designs as names for localities and things like the harmony trees. These place names that were there in the airship station in the ANG movie have been removed.
If DF is so strict that it’s not even possible to base future dragons on these in the past and when it took time, that might explain why the dragons have become the way they are in G5. Then Warner Bros. and DF responsible for Spike getting a look that many don’t like. It is obvious that this needs to be PUBLICIZED to put DIY under tremendous pressure and force the management at Hasbro to do something rather than just keep quiet with classic Microsoft tactics. Chris Cocks cannot remain silent in the hope that the case with G5 will go away. Perhaps DF will have to be forcibly disbanded as a result, and Warners themselves will have to throw out their management who are more concerned with making money than entertaining.
Kirins can be a problem, they are popular, but it is possible that they can not appear because they came in the S8. Similarly with the sphinxes which must have a different design if they are to appear in G5.
There was a ton of commentary on Youtube about C6, but most people didn’t seem to have grasped the possibility that G5 may have been sabotaged by Warners through DF - for some reason Cocks had introduced total censorship on this matter that it took over a year to find out about this. This must end. Opaline was able to trigger Equestria’s collapse because she had operated undercover and then created conditions that would eventually lead to collapse. Some of this can be seen around DF and G5.
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There are signs that Cocks may be forced to acknowledge that the situation around DF has become worse than expected, it is possible that an agreement to continue for three years from 2022 to 2025 - from March 2022 to March 2025 - could become a problem for Hasbro. DF was unusually strict and demanding as lore from S4-S9 had to be reused, only the cameos were far ahead without content, and new designs had to be developed in a very short time, the work on the dragons had probably only happened for less than a year.
Everything indicates that it was in March to August 2022 that the DF began to put restrictions on G5, and mdash has revealed that a “book” had been prepared that had to be put on hold in the year 2022. In reality, we only got parts of this the book about G4. Cocks was busy elsewhere and perhaps believed that this could be resolved through negotiation while Berrow was forced to rewrite the script for G5, which gives us weak results in C2 and C3, and that it would pick up with C4 - it must be remembered that the script for MYM was probably completed at the beginning of the year 2022. Things went very wrong in the time towards March 2023, then the reorganization began which meant that MYM had to be terminated and everything had to be concentrated on TYT, it was not smart to want to sell eOne in the midst of this situation.
Netflix turned out to be a mistake.
So if Cocks thinks he can hold out until March 2025 and at the same time reorganize by investing in gaming and shifting focus in animation from entertainment with content to advertising, perhaps in the hope that the FiM rights will return to Hasbro, he is wrong.
Because according to those in the know, Hasbro and Warners have come into open conflict with each other over the broadcasting time in DF, when it emerged that Warners had started to replace Hasbro products with their own, and that Hasbro was increasingly pushing to keep its share. This could lead to a breach of contract and Hasbro having to do something drastic in the end. There are many indications that Cocks does not want to remain in DF, which could end up being dissolved or taken over by Warners. Then Hasbro will have to take out the FiM rights already, and Warners will have to be confronted - not only by Hasbro, but everyone else including the public.
It was a very big mistake by the American authorities to allow Warners to enter DF. Warners has also become unpopular in the entertainment industry because they shelved several movies.
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The more I think about Chapter 6, the more things I find to appreciate about it. The story structure isn’t great, but it really is M.A. Larson levels of giving everyone something to do, and letting everyone have character moments. And because the show hasn’t been going on forever, there was actually stuff left to pay off.
The words I wanted to use in the other post were “collateral damage”. Opaline doesn’t care about the collateral damage she causes. So it’s pretty satisfying that she allows the spell trapping Spike to be dispelled as collateral damage, and that leads to her defeat. Then, her own castle is destroyed as collateral damage from the Together Tree growing.
I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of days, trying to narrow down why, despite enjoying it, I don’t love Chapter 6. I think I’ve figured it out, and it’s entirely subjective. It had some effective emotional moments, but nothing in Chapter 6 “got me” like some of the other moments. Sunny and her dad bonding. Sunny putting the toys away. Zipp’s dread at the magic glitching. The Portrait Day song. Misty presenting the dragonfire to Opaline. Opaline gaslighting Misty. The entirety of Missing The Mark. The Stuff with Misty and Alphabittle. I wanted one more good hit for the road.
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