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With cozy being able to use alicorn powers with ease, it’s a possibility that she was once one, until is punished for misusing it
This speculation is interesting, when we first saw Opaline in the IDW comics she was a unicorn, pushing Fluttershy and starting what would split Equestria apart. The Mane 6 managed to stop the development, but not before Opaline had done great damage and when she learned how to steal magic from the dragons by harnessing her element, fire, she had become unstoppable, especially operating undercover just like Cozy. Twilight managed to defeat Opaline and humiliated her, but judging by Spike’s reactions, this came at a price. Twilight did what she could without being able to capture Opaline who tried to return to Skyros, who may have refused to help her or Twilight. We know that Twilight was alive after the Unity Crystals were created. She had said herself that she had done her utmost to create the Unity Crystals, but we now know that she had done much more. Maybe she was the one who put the dragons into deep magical hibernation, and that was probably the last time Spike saw her.
She did all this without help. This demonstrates that Skyros may become a problem in the future. Cozy may have come from Skyros and may have been banished from there by losing her alicorn powers. Opaline had also lost her alicorn powers and could only get them back by acquiring a lot of magic, so it means that the alicorn power in an alicorn is internal, which can be sealed away. Twilight had sealed Opaline’s alicorn magic and also taken her magic, it was only after she took the Dragon Stone which she uses to steal magic from the dragons (it had to be activated with the help of Sparky) that she could use her alicorn powers. Cozy received an overdose of magic from Grogar’s bell and can reactivate her alicorn powers. When Pinkie had Grogar’s bell, she didn’t become an alicorn.
It is possible that Opaline could keep her wings by using her together tree or the dark harmony tree as some call it, as it contained a lot of latent magic. Which was awakened at her expense by the ponies. But we know she had magic - likely unicorn magic - as she didn’t have alicorn powers in the past.
Cozy and Opaline have something in common, their remarkable hairdressing style.
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I kind of want an episode about Pipp and Sugar Moonlight’s social media rivalry.
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Makes me curious as to wether the other races have magic stones of their own.
An interesting point. We know from S10 that the other races had harmony trees, which we can assume were original together trees before they were crystallized by the real harmony tree in Equestria, and that they were very important to the ponies - and other races. There are many indications that Twilight’s empire - the friendship empire - was based on these trees which served as portals, magical “batteries” and other things that could be critical for the different realms. When the harmony tree naturalized, this must have happened to all other trees throughout the world. It is possible that the tree in Bridlewood was the only survivor perhaps because it was still young when naturalization occurred. All other trees had root contact with each other. And it is possible that the corridor to the Isle of Scaly was the remains of a tree so that the roots hollow out and become magical tunnels.
Opaline could steal magic, and her knowledge made it impossible for the other races to defend themselves against her if they wanted to protect their magic from her.
The dragons needed the Dragon Stone to prevent Opaline from draining dragon magic, when she had Sparky abducted, she had to steal the Dragon Stone to create an opening into the dragons’ shared magic. It was her element that made her the natural predator against the dragons, who had become her prey. Spike had to leave and joined his people to protect them. The other races may have done the same, because according to Discord in the IDW comics, Twilight had permission to collect the magic in the world, and it could mean that she had created similar “focuses” for the others such as the Unity Crystals and the Dragon Stone.
There are many civilizations around, which may have been isolated as a result of the naturalization of the together/harmony trees all over the world, and some of these consisted of different races in mutual societies like with the ponies themselves. Abyssinians, centaurs, diamond dogs, griffins, hippogriffs, sea ponies, kelpies, kirins, breezies, minotaurs - there must be at least twenty different races with advanced magic, including the ponies themselves. Was Twilight so strong that she could create at least twenty “focus” like the Unity Crystals? Most certainly have much less magical potential, but they were mostly as a security measure against magic thieves like Opaline.
Fortunately for them, Opaline knew that the strongest magic was among the ponies, so she chose to ignore the others, possibly as long as the empire lasted when the different realms could help each other. But then the ponies lost their magic, possibly because they had begun to forget, and an inexplicable naturalization that knocked out the world community took place. As Opaline said sourly; “glittered out”. By then Twilighet was long gone.
Maybe Spike was awake when this happened, without understanding how. Now maybe he does. And Opaline - as soon as the magic returned and she sensed a new alicorn - was given free paths towards her goal. Fortunately, she was simply too greedy.
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Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get an answer to this question regarding other species, as far as I remember correctly, most of them appeared in later seasons and Hasbro doesn’t have the rights to them.
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Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get an answer to this question regarding other species, as far as I remember correctly, most of them appeared in later seasons and Hasbro doesn’t have the rights to them.
The Characters they don’t own (allegedly). A species being copyrighted is not the case given that they’re all Misty mythical creatures from throughout history, or just regular animals. Nobody can copyright that.
In fact some of them (like the seaponies) were used in previous generations before even 4.
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If they do explore Skyros I would like to see new alicorns explored you know the ones that have always been up there and had had little to no contact with Equestria and then there is a another flashback that shows what really happened with Opaline plus Luna and Celestia
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What I found interesting about Opaline is that it’s not just power. She has this pathological need to feel powerful and be seen as powerful. But once she gets power, she becomes less cunning, and more reliant on brute force. She probably didn’t need Lava and Jade’s help, but enslaving two dragons makes her more intimidating. She didn’t need a necklace to display the CMs of The Mane Five, but it makes for a good trophy. She could have flown to the Brighthouse and dispelled the protection spell there, but finally disabling it from miles away is a huge flex. This ended up being her undoing.
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Yeap, plus when she undid the protection spell for the Brighthouse she also ended up undoing the spell bubble she’d trapped Spike in which was doubly bad for her since Sparky had freed him from her mind control. Seeing Opaline get done in by her own arrogance and pride was really satisfying.

I wonder if the NuMane 6 defeating the villain the first time and letting them go and ignoring them so they can come back stronger than ever is going to be a thing? It’s happened with Opaline and it’s happened with Allura.
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