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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Misty Shadow
@Background Pony #13BA
“It was for a time but wasn’t enough to save it”? Huh? The show is still popular on Netflix with MYM Chapter 5 making it into top charts and what you’re saying makes it sound like it got canceled when it has a planned finale, something Gillian Berrow, the show developer, confirmed.
river mines

One possibility is that Hasbro does something like How to Train Your Dragon in which there were several series with different names.
The goal of Tell Your Tale being the main focus is for G5 to have ongoing content while they produce the new show.

I am aware that positive reviews do exist, but I’d rather spare myself the trouble of watching these reviews in general, not to devalue or downplay them. Besides, this site and this thread is all I need to see both the positive and negative reaction for it.
I’m not blaming you there, because let’s face it, a lot of brony analysis has become a fucking joke over the years if not worse!
But even that’s a topic for another thread, but I dunno which one.
@Jonny Manz
Both Star Strike and MLP Fever are one of those people who definitely give the MLP analysis community a bad name.
Honestly, if you think THOSE people give the MLP analysis community a bad name, you haven’t seen nothing yet - as I think you’ve forgotten when these asswipes were all the rage - with few still producing cringe to this very day.

You don’t seem to like Wolf even though he didn’t look biased.
The more I watch his AMWDW series, the more I think, “These bronies need actual help!”
Also, Wolf is not even a doctor nor a therapist/psychologist as I don’t recall him ever stating that he has a degree in doing so. (Much like how the M6 don’t have a degree in teaching whatsoever.)
He’s an accountant, not a real doctor.
His style also hasn’t really changed at all - much like all the others that are constantly doing the same shit over-and-over and haven’t really changed since 2014 or even 2015 for that matter - unlike those whom have either left or quit to do their own thing like Ink Rose or Tommy Oliver.
Also the ever unbearably unfunny cringeworthy shitseries, TF2 Analysis constantly gets in the way of his other videos that they should’ve been on a separate channel entirely.
To say I’m not the biggest fan of DrWolf would be a huge understatement!
(Not even members of the PCP/Horseshoe Crew {or even veteran analysts like Past Analysis} like him.)
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Misty Shadow
Wolf’s content is innocuous. I can see why people wouldn’t like him, but there is literally nothing provocative about his general reviewing style. If you compare, let’s say, his MYM Chapter 1 review to MLP Fever’s MYM Chapter 1 review, it’s night and day. I utterly despise the “G5 hate content farm”, but I also believe in “agree to disagree”. Even back when clickbait videos dunking on G5 for dumb reasons were at the peak of their popularity, I didn’t engage with them, I just went about my day because I don’t really care what the brony analysis community is doing.

The bronalysis scene is dead anyway.
Hell, last time I checked the Rift’s wikia page, it was gone - let alone deleted.
Ever since the New Generation movie was released and those who were still alive within the Rift reviewed it, the whole thing just stopped.
Granted, there are still some whom review the show like Star Strike and Addy Lovestar, but they are NOT part of the Bronalysis Community or any of the so-called Rifts. And if you know anything about the bronalysis community’s reputation at this point, can you really blame them?
Most of them work alone anyway and don’t collab with one another. They prefer to stay independent - as it should be.
As for the ones that already left or quit, they either look after themselves or their own groups like the PCP or the Horseshoe Crew. They don’t need the Bronalysis label - as that label is nothing to be proud of as of late.
TL;DR Bronalysis is DEAD.
And good riddance for that!
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sTs trinity
the famous bronies that you guys are mentioning, aren’t as bad as this one who did the most disgusting thing to a minor.
and the person I’m referring to is _tooncritic_
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Misty Shadow
@Shimmering Spectacle
Yes, but most of us would rather not talk about someone like him for obvious reasons. Want me to start talking about Lily Peet next? No? Good. Because this is the G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread, not the Brony Analyst/Reviewer Grievance Thread.
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