MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Remember in the movie where Hitch asks Sunny if she really wants to lose him as a friend because of her activism?
What if Sunny angrily told Hitch off for thinking he can use their friendship as a cudgel to keep her in line?
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She’d be in the wrong?
Sunny turns out to be right in hindsight, but she is all but stated to be a town nuisance and would be frequently acquainted with the town jail if not for having a friend on the force. And I think Hitch tells her off right after the Cantermagic stunt, so she did just goof big time.
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I want unicorns to be able to shoot lasers from their horns again. The pegasi ability to manipulate the weather seems to be lost though.
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I haven’t finished chapter 2 yet. I only watched 4 out of the 8 episodes this “chapter” has, but I will say this: Sunny Starscout is the main character that has much more potential than any main character ever had in the franchise.
When I watched Ali-conned, I was really afraid that someone with a solid integrity like Sunny would become greedy because why not, especially when the villain tried to manipulate her. However, I ended up respecting her much more after seeing her that the root of her alicorn powers is actually helping other ponies, which kinda fits with her personality and debunks the plans of the villain. It reminds me a lot of the ending of Crusaders of the Lost Mark in a sense, particularly in the faith of the CMC.
There are a couple of things in Make your Mark I’m not into, but when it comes to the main character, it’s basically 10/10.
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