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So, I really don’t think we’re meant to take Sunny’s story in The Traditional Unicorn Sleepover at face value, nor do I think it’s the full story. Consider the following:
  • The story says “The unicorn was very bright. As bright as the sun”. “Bright” can mean “smart”, but it can also mean “luminous” or “radiant”. We know that Twilight was smart, but I wouldn’t describe her as “radiant”. This is a pretty common way of showing that the intended meaning of something has been lost over time.
  • We know that the events from the start of the story differ a lot from Friendship is Magic Part 1. Twilight wasn’t summoned to the castle, and it leaves out the whole Nightmare Moon thing. If anything, the story is closer to what happens with Luster Dawn in The Last Problem. This reinforces the gap between what the audience knows, and what the ponies know.
  • If they’re wrong about these things, then they’re probably wrong about other details.
  • This story doesn’t include any of the events referenced in Twilight’s recording.
  • One of the major question raised in Make Your Mark chapter 1 was how the crystals got separated. We haven’t seen them find an answer on screen, so it’s probably better to treat this story as their guess.
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So in A New Generation Sprout was trying to stop Sunny from bringing back magic in Equestria and then in Make Your Mark he boasts about his magic being more powerful than any other earth pony. I guess this means Sprout only hated unicorn and pegasi magic because he felt left out like Posey and is just mad with power.
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It was when he learned Sunny was trying to restore it last minute. Sprout’s reasoning was he didn’t want “their enemies” to have magic. Not exactly a unique view because during the campfire scene, Hitch believed the same thing. But the difference here between Hitch and Sprout is one had time to spend with non EPs while the other did not. If Sprout had the chance to spend time with non EPs, he would have changed his mind too. But he was denied this.
An episode where Sprout gets his own Hitch moment with non EPs is already lost opportunity because based on MyM, it doesn’t seem like he minds them anymore. Sad.
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I see, I see. Okay, I finished the episode. I like it, it was cute!
Still don’t like Sparky that much though, but eh, at least dragon dad Hitch is fun to watch.
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Pretty much why I don’t like him. He looks cute and causes shenanigans, but unfortunately, he’s a plot device so we can’t offscreen him. That’s all there is to him.
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Alright, I watched all 8 episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 2. Wanted to give my thoughts sooner but I had to delay it because of work, college work and of course, that goddamned hurricane. Anyways, I don’t want to go in depth so I’ll just list the pros, cons and inbetweens.
-While the stories are simple enough, I do like the overarching plot with Opaline and Misty that builds up, especially when it slowly starts to interfere with the main characters in the form of Misty
-The characters are good enough, I still like Sunny, she’s still my favorite of the Mane 5
-Misty is precious and adorable and I genuinely felt bad at the end when she started crying
-I really loved the episode with Zipp and Pipp arguing, it developed both as characters and the relationship between one another and how both were protrayed in the wrong instead of favoring one side
-I like the idea of Izzy feeling homesick from Bridlewood, adds more depth towards her character
-Sparky is actually important to the story as a baby, unlike Flurry Heart
-The jokes were pretty funny
-Twilight’s surprise appearance was really great
-The animation is pretty inconsistent. I’ll admit it’s a slight step up from Chapter 1, but depending on the episode, it can either be stiff, decent, jumpy and sporadic or in the case of episode 8, very smooth
-I still don’t care too much for Sparky, but I don’t hate him
-Opaline is an alright villain, I do think her coldness to Misty is too much
-While I’m glad that Sprout is back, he’s still okay to me
-I’m not a big fan of Pipp. While I can say that her social media influencer personality is unique, it’s too much for me and I find it a bit annoying.
-Some of the B plots were boring like the one of the animals running amok in the Crystal Brighthouse and Izzy trying to babysit Sparky
-The episode about Sunny feeling unappreciated because of her alicorn status I didn’t like and the conflict didn’t get resolved
-I find it jarring that when Opaline talked with Sunny via the magic mirror, she didn’t bother to change her voice and Sunny didn’t think for a moment to question it
-The exposition as to why the G5 universe happened with the race division and the magic crystal feels like a cop out which I don’t buy
-The dialogue can be awkward sometimes
-Maybe it’s me, but that scene of Opaline harshly scolding Misty and making her cry really got to me and made me dislike her. I don’t know if it was deliberate, but if it is then it worked
All in all, the series is good but not great. It isn’t spectacular by any means, and it certainly isn’t bad, just hits a good middle ground to me. Compared to G4, I still prefer FIM, warts and all but in a vacuum, Make Your Mark is good enough on its own, I’m looking forward to Chapter 3 when it arrives
Final Ranking: B Minus
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With how much broad strokes the writers are doing with the lore, a part of me can’t help but wonder if G5 connects to an alternate continuity of G4 rather than the show.
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