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Funnily enough, that contradicts his backstory with Cosmos where he claims he never wanted the ponies “seriously” hurt and Cosmos doing that, and almost killing them, turned him against her.
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Could definitely see that. Still creating a mirror that curses anyone who touches it to die at sea doesn’t sound like him. I could see it if the mirror cursed the person to have any ship they’re on go backwards or it rains every time they go on a ship, but actually die sounds way too extreme for him.
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New theory: Opaline is responsible for Misty being a Blank Flank. She did something – normally I would say magic but there was no magic before the Mane 5 united the ponies – to ensure Misty would never get a Cutie Mark. It’s basically a textbook example of emotional abuse to make her more dependent on Opaline.
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I think maybe it’s more Opaline makes sure that Misty doesn’t explore herself or lets her enjoy things. If she enjoys something, she runs the risk of getting a cutie mark so Opaline makes sure to put her down as much as possible and destroys anything that might give her joy.
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I would have personally preferred them not to go that far for him, not add another sin, even though it is something he did back in his villain days and also agreed it was too extreme for him..until I remembered this stain glass window:

And all it took was one pony to be his friend to change someone like that lol, if only they knew
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So I just saw Hoof Done It?, and it was a lot of fun.
The fact that the best MYM episodes have been Zipp episodes just reinforces that she’s the best pony. She totally shines when she’s given something to do other than say “Note to self”.
I don’t know what was in that tea Izzy drinks, but I want some. I also want more “Weird Izzy” in general. With this episode, all of The Mane Five now have jobs.
That was a good one. More like this and 3, please!
I also saw Have You Seen This Dragon?, and it was quite good.
Is it me, or did the animation get a lot better in the last two episodes? The textures are a lot better, and the way things move has a lot more personality.
You know what? I’m sold on Sparky and Daddy Hitch. He’s left his comfortable bachelor life, and embraced fatherhood. That’s a great direction to take his character.
The dialogue is a lot better, too. Izzy is embracing her inner Pinkie, and they’re bringing back that dry humour that I love so much.
And then there’s Opaline. She’s been calm and collected, and even a little bit motherly (in her own twisted way). But that scene honestly left an impression on me. One hit of power, and the façade just drops and she becomes unhinged. Misty lives with this pony, and I think this is the first time we’ve seen her genuinely terrified.
I’m kind of hyped now. Episode 3 was genuinely great, and I think MYM is really starting to hit it’s stride with 7 and 8. For comparison, I’d say two out of every thirteen episodes in G4 hit the “Genuinely great” rating, so the ratio is only slightly lower.
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It’d be interesting if Primrose met Misty.
The cuteness would be off the charts.
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            Whose your least favorite g5 characters?
Apart from Sparky which I already talked about, Pipp Petals. She’s just a spoiled social media celebrity who livestreams everything and is obsessed with her phone, getting more followers, and being popular. I’ll admit she does sing well (not as good as Coloratura) but that doesn’t make up for the fact she represents a lot of what’s wrong with today’s society (I don’t use social media btw). The only reason I uploaded >>2950888 was because a friend whose obsessed with her wanted me to draw her (should have just uploaded another Trixie image).
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Have now finished reading IDW G5 #5. One of the quirkiest stories I’ve read. It’s like if Discord is portrayed in as negative an image as possible, and the ending makes it clear that Lighting Rod can’t be anything but Discord in disguise, he and the light tower just disappeared. Zipp was right to be very skeptical about the whole thing. If it is Discord, what are his motives in telling the Mane 5 such an outrageous story that they will assume the worst about him? If Celestia knew about “the Mirror of Mayhem”, she would never have allowed the reformation of Discord. And Twilight would have found this out sooner or later.
Here it is angled so that Discord from G4 was nothing more than an amoral villain who didn’t care about all the deaths and suffering caused by a mirror that in itself violates the G4 lore. Because it is said that Discord broke out of the petrification by taking up residence in the mirror. Then it must mean that this is not just a test of the Mane 5, he also demonstrated the fatal consequences of magic. Still, it seems that the mirror did not contain chaos magic, but something far more deadly. An entire village of hundreds of ponies, Candlebright Cove, was wiped out.
Celestia would have beheaded Discord without the slightest hesitation, and we know from the IDW comics and S1-S3 that he was not an amoral being who had wandered the world and met many, but also that he did not care about the consequences of his actions as he regarded beings as playthings. For him, chaos with living victims was the very ideal. Not death, suffering and mayhem. The writers in G4 knew where the boundaries were when they created Discord. Here in this comic, Discord had broken all boundaries. And thus deserved nothing but the severest punishment.
As the Lighting Rod disappeared without a trace when Zipp pointed out at the end how improbable the whole situation is, it must mean that the story is fake, and that the remains of the mirror were given away as part of his plan. Which involves seeing if the Mane 5 can live up to the legacy of his departed friends.
When the fake Grogar appears in S9, he had the same thick eyebrows as Discord - and so does Lighting Rod.
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First episode of the podcast came out today! It was pretty nice, but I’m sure some fans will find a way to nitpick something because they’re literally unable to get satisfied with anything (that’s why I hope both series’ staff don’t decide to interact with the fandom, or else they’ll be quite disturbed). Anyway, I’m pretty happy the staff took the last minute of the podcast to credit everyone involved in it.
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@The Crystal Artist
The first episode was Sunny telling Pipp, Jazz and those who were hearing the podcast about what an alicorn is (okay, Pipp and probably Jazz already knew what an alicorn, but I don’t think everypony in Maretime Bay, Bridlewood Forest and Zephyr Heights knows) and how magic changed her and other ponies’ lives. And a bit about Earth Ponies’ flora magic. And then Sunny and Pipp were challenged to make a smoothie for each other while blindfolded. Jazz set up a table with ingredients that would go well in smoothies, such as strawberry, lemon, and banana, and ingredients that wouldn’t, such as ketchup and moldy (or just stinky) cheese. I don’t think it’s necessary to say how it turned out.
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@Background Pony #C1B1
Hitch Trailblazer is meant to be kind and diligent, not jumpy and paranoid. Can he be uncomfortable about Earth Pony magic and feel out of his element with it not operating off any known rules? Sure, that falls in line with his character well enough, but certainly not to the degree we saw in the episode. Distrusting magic to that degree and completely ignoring his friends doesn’t line up with his characterization from the latter part of the movie or said movie’s promotional material.
I’d sooner believe he was bewitched by Opaline to push his thoughts in that direction, except if that was in the script we would’ve seen her scrying on Hitch and using a weak bit of her magic on him through the scrying pool at the start of the episode.
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