MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I just realized something. MYM animals are normal, but TYT animals have horns or wings.
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Doesn’t seem like it. Opaline repeatedly reminds Misty that she saved her when she was a foal, and Misty doesn’t show any signs that she doesn’t remember when/how that happened. I think it’s more likely Misty just never got her cutie mark and Opaline made sure that she wouldn’t by constantly putting her down and not letting her do anything. In a way, she’s kind-of like a Mother Gothel.
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G5 is the result of Starlight Glimmer messing with time and takes place in an alternate universe. In the true timeline Equestria never fell and Friendship is still magic.
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That’s mostly how I see it. Though not necessarily there being a “true” timeline, and just there being multiple ones where you can headcanon whatever happens.
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So I just saw The Cutie Mark Mixup and it wasn’t very good.
There are definitely some pacing issues when the main conflict doesn’t kick in until eight minutes in, and you could have done the entire plot in five minutes. I like the continuity from the previous episode, and Izzy continues to deliver adorable lines, but this one didn’t have a lot going for it.
I also saw Ali-conned, and it was okay. It’s funny how the Filly Four’s fourth slot keeps changing.
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It’s not like TYT where it’s just 5 minutes, but I feel the pacing for a lot of episodes is a little rushed despite the episodes being 22 minutes long. Like in episode 2, I feel like I got whiplash with how much Hitch seemed to change his moods.
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Need some opinions on something.
How long should one wait before using an image from Make Your Mark in a fanfic image? I’m thinking a week but want some second opinions. A character from the series/Tyt is going to have a major appearance in a fanfic I’m making so I kinda want to put her in the fanfic image
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@Background Pony #0FA4
It’s getting like the concept of multi-verse from Crash Bandicoot 4 : It’s about time, or even Rick’s portals, and this, if it is true, will not surprises me.
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