MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #C1B1
The episode I’m watching, The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over officially tells a slightly different story. Two actually, but the other one is obviously a lie.
Background Pony #C1B1
The Traditional Unicorn Sleepover:
Hmm, maybe because there is a dark and mysterious presence behind you?
Izzy is surprised to see another unicorn. Hmm, now I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve seen many unicorns right now.
Misty trying to come up with last name is hilarious. Misty Brightdawn is the name she came up with by the way.
Speed-run sleepover. Also Jinxie is a new unicorn superstition.
We’re learning a lot of Bridlewood stuff. It’s funny how unicorns are the weird ones now.
I’m not sure if I’m amused or feel second-hand embarrassment with Misty.
G4 reference! Sunny talks about Twilight! But not her friends?
Misty got told a different story. Not exactly an Opaline backstory, considering it’s a big fat lie.
Misty breakdown. So we’re 3 for 6 now.
Yes, the friendship assimilation begins.
Zipp overhears. Dun dun dun!
Background Pony #C1B1
Hoof Done It!
Huh, so this episode is a two-parter.
Detective Zipp transformation sequence. XD
Hmm, I have to admit this episode went in a direction I didn’t expect.
Poor Pipsqueaks. They’d never handle under pressure.
Being a dragon dad ain’t easy.
Zipp was so close, but also so far away.
Here’s the Where’d It Go song! I actually really like this song.
Boo Opaline.
Background Pony #C1B1
Have You Seen This Dragon:
Izzy wakes up to rockstar. XD
Hitch going through his dad crisis.
He’s the only pony-dragon dad in the world, which is why he’s the best!
I think you’re evil laugh is decent Misty
Sunny talking to the plants is actually pretty cute.
I feel sorry for Misty. But on the other hand, her pain is hilarious.
Izzy fainting isn’t as funny as the Flower Trio fainting or Rarity fainting on her fainting couch.
Wow, Sparky really managed to do all that in two seconds?
Wow, this is like Hitch’s fourth breakdown?
Villain Hitch makes a return.
Wow, Misty is surprisingly acrobatic?
Yeah, he’s gone insane. These ponies have obviously never been on litter pickup duty if they don’t fear it.
Aw, that Sparky song is really sweet.
He’s the best pony-dragon dad in the world.
It’s been hundreds of moons since Opaline saw dragonfire. So 100 years?
Artist -

I’ve seen 3 episodes so far. Its a little hard to binge watch because it looks like Paw Patrol and the characters I fell in love with in ANG feel like they’ve been gutted. One thing to note is that the episodes are serialized. You cannot watch them in any order or you’ll miss over extending plot points. Oddly enough, “Chapter 1” feels was unnecessary. The first episode could be linked directly after the end of the movie because Opaline and Misty have moments of introduction and exposition of their own so they don’t feel like they popped out of nowhere. From what I;ve seen, bits and pieces of who they are are dropped along the way.
I don’t recommend watching this series in a room with someone unless that someone is a kid you’re baby sitting who wants to watch this. And this is coming from a Care Bears fan. Unlike G4 that actually has an art style inspired from Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCraken, g5 is vanilla safe cgi. And the character personalities, they don’t save it at all.
Sunny is completely bland. She’s like an isekai protagonist. At least the activist/terrorist one was interesting. Izzy is now loud and annoying as opposed to being optimistically somber from her ANG version. Their nuanced complexity was removed.
There are posts above mine saying Hitch is playing the villain. This is what happens when you stop Sprout from playing his role. The “villain role” has to shift to someone else. And they’re not exaggerating. Hitch wanted to break the crystals apart because he believes earth pony magic is dangerous and he’s now obsessed with safety. Hitch was never obsessed with safety. His ANG version was obsessed with following rules. Sprout was the one obsessed with safety. Although they both do what they do because they care about Maretime Bay, there is a distinct difference in motivation. Sprout now loves his magic and that’s just as dumb. He should’ve been the one that’s really scared of it.
Zipp and Pipp are the more interesting characters. And that’s a matter of relativity simply because Pipp did not change from her ANG version because there was so little to work with while Zipp knows how to use body language to talk. Instead of talking like an adult doing a “hello fellow kids” moment, Zipp would instead point or nudge or make an expression to communicate. It makes her look and sound natural instead of a bad actor reading a script. I blame the voice casting director for this.
I’ll watch the rest of it simply for the over arching story since they’re clearly trying to tell one. This was obvious when listening to Twilight’s recording, important details were conveniently garbled. But I’m not expecting much from it.
Artist -

Hitch’s explanation for doing what he did was Sprout’s EXACT explanation in the MBA game for doing what he did. I think that episode could’ve been a Sprout episode. But it was re-written for Hitch.
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YayPonies already put the episodes. I’ll try to download in my laptop. I’m praying for it, because it is a really old laptop (from 2007-2009).

Opaline, she…SHE! I hate her. I hate it very much. No one in MLP has ever made me hate myself so much.
She dared to call herself an alicorn, a queen, to slander G4.
It has almost no moral traits that Alicorns should have.
She must be caught. Chop off the wings and horn, and put in jail
Or execute.
Background Pony #563E
I was joking about calling Hitch a villain. I think he has better reasons for going all control freak than Sprout, though he’s not right now he went with it. At least he understood his mistake fast (so fast it gave me whiplash. The show definitely portrays him as the most flawed one of the Mane Five.
Yeah, not a fan of Friendship Guru Sunny, but at least the other episodes make a point of her flaws and insecurities too.
Artist -

@Background Pony #563E
Flaws aren’t what makes a character great. Its “sense” that makes a character great. Can you explain why is it that when Sprout feared magic, he’s a villain but when Hitch feared it, he has “better reason” for it? I said it in a previous post. The reason why Hitch feared magic is the EXACT SAME REASON why Sprout feared magic in the video game. Both characters literally explain this.
It would’ve been more consistent if Sprout was the one that feared magic. It would’ve made sense if Sunny was the one bragging about how strong her EP magic is. It would’ve made sense if Sunny and Sprout were the ones butting heads about magic… Just like how they were as kids. And then Hitch would be the one to tell them to get along.
Background Pony #80C2
I just finished watching the Netflix series.
So Opaline is a pony of fire huh. And Twilight did a good job on her.
Background Pony #80C2
So things don’t go the way you want them to. I get that. You should become a writer/director for the series since you know so much what the characters can or cannot say or do.
Background Pony #80C2
Who said Sprout was a villain? He is more like an antagonist than a villain. A villain hurt people, destroy cities. If Sprout was a villain, that was a very good joke. Perhaps you don’t know the difference between a villain and an antagonist.
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