MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #C1B1
Portrait Day:
Hey, Opaline the first pony with a horn to do magic other than levitation. Still no clue about how long it’s been, but I guess it’s been a while.
Friendship guru Sunny.
I can see where this episode is going with the friendship lesson.
Hoping those ponies will be more than just Pippsqueaks. They’re pretty flat.
Sunny shenanigans with Queen Haven. “I’m a mom.” Yep, I’m a guy, childless, and single, but I felt that.
Queen Haven unexpected song. Thought this song would be more important, but apparently, it’s just for a gag.
Obligatory friendship fight.
The Portrait Day song! Even better with context.
Phones and wifi solve everything. XD
Still can’t take Opaline seriously. Misty deserves better.
Background Pony #80C2
I am loving MYM: Chapter 2.
Opaline is a great villain.
I also love how Sunny’s official name for her alicorn form is indeed alicorn form. Though it would be cool if it was alicorn state, too. Don’t worry. The series is way more fun than the special.
Background Pony #C1B1
”We eat too much junk food!” This hits strangely close to home. Or maybe they’re making a point about how much junk food G4 ponies ate.
||Hey, Sunny activist side made it. |in|
This episode seems to take place before a few episodes in TYT.
This episode is like the exact opposite of what happened to Twilight when she became an alicorn. XD Seriously though. When did she get that compact?
Hey, Pipp freak-out. We’re two for five now.
Hitch no. Keep Sparky away from the crazy influencer.
This is kind-of how Ponyville should react to Twilight’s alicorn status.
I already don’t like those Filly Three. They annoy me.
First contact between Sunny and Opaline. Suny no. Don’t trust the evil mirror reflection. Why do people always fall for the evil mirror reflection?
Don’t like the Pipp subplot. Also don’t like the Filly The whole thing is so shallow it annoys me.
Twilight should have had this plot. “Ponies only care about Sunny ‘The Alicorn’” harsh but true.
Again the mood-whiplash is intense.
”I will be an obscure, but sane, popstar princess.” lol
Aw, the community garden looks so good. Yeah, I already figured that Sunny can only transform when she’s helping someone.
Background Pony #C1B1
The backstory seems to be the same, but not how they find out? Since in the comics, they find out from Discord and here, they find out from Twilight hologram.
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@Background Pony #C1B1
Oh. Well I guess it’s instantly decanonized. I take it back. The team’s fighting as usual. G5 comics are now officially alternate continuity where Earth Pony magic was immediately given after the movie with immediate Mastery; Sparky, Sprout, Alphabittle and Phyllis don’t appear to exist. And worst of all. It’s still an old lighthouse. I’m really sad now. Happy, guys?
Background Pony #C1B1
Plus some of the episodes contradict other TYT episodes. So it seems like they’re connected in a general sense, they all take place after the movie and MYM chapter 1, but other than that, they go in somewhat different directions.
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So I just saw Izzy Does It, and it was pretty good.
It’s not the greatest thing ever, but it continues to do the little things I’ve come to love about G5. I like how it gives everyone something to do, even if it’s not super relevant to the plot. I like how Izzy and Pipp have a nice little moment where they bond over the creative process. I always talk about the world of G5 feeling more “lived in”, and things like Maretime Bay having a crafting event that Izzy goes to while Sunny sells smoothies there is a big part of that.
It looks like Opaline and Misty will be recurring villains, which is a nice change of pace. It seems pretty obvious that Misty’s arc is about switching sides and getting her cutie mark, but I’m still eager to see it play out.
Something that stands out is that the show is a lot funnier than I was expecting. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, and it’s not super witty, but it got quite a few laughs out of me.
I think my biggest criticism is that some of the dialogue is over-written. Like, not every character needs to chime in at every opportunity.
I’m fine with people shipping Izzy and Sunny, but I just chalked that up to the fandom being the fandom. I’m starting to see it now. Unsurprisingly, I’m happy to see that Hitch and Zipp get paired up in scenes.
Overall, it’s much better than MYM Chapter 1.
Background Pony #C1B1
The Cutie Mark Mix-Up:
Maretime Bay Community Garden of Magic… I’m getting School of Friendship flashbacks.
Flora Magic. Float Magic. Flight Magic. The FFFs; the Three Fs.
Flora Magic is OP.
I like Pipp being the butt monkey. I just find it funny.
Hitch is the Fluttershy/Applejack hybrid. He’s got the animal speaking magic and cowboy hat to prove it.
Opaline’s power is “compromised”. She doesn’t seem that strong, but still stronger than the other unicorns because she knows other magic other than Float Magic.
Obligatory friendship fight scene. Seems like Hitch and Pipp are going to be portrayed as the Rainbow and Rarity of the show; in that the show shows their flaws more than any other character.
Sparky magic OP. Please nerf. If you’re wondering, he did a Starlight. Personalities are also connected to cutie marks.
Don’t let wild animals roam free. You just end up switching cutie marks.
Misty no. Don’t listen to the obviously evil and selfish alicorn.
Zipp, get your flank back here and help.
Ironically, the previous episode has them ignoring Sunny and not appreciating her, but this episode, apparently she’s a valuable pillar to the community.
There, there Hitch. Just let it all out.
Aww, Hitch and Sunny rushing to help each other.
This episode went by fast. Hey, Sunny and Hitch’s secret friendship hoofshake.
Tree of Harmony reference!!! QAQ
Background Pony #808E
I haven’t read any spoilers, but from what I’ve heard, episode 3 gives hints of the show’s full potential.
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