MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Just realized we’ve seen Sunny use magic and fly. But she’s never used any earth pony powers.
I want to see bae dance a jig and make a garden.
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Hey guys I think the map in is the missing piece to pinpoint literally everything on the G4 map because we finally have a known landmark from G4 to place everything ie Opaline’s castle. A lot of folks are saying that this castle is Canterlot but I don’t agree I think it’s twilight’s castle or more accurately it’s effectively twilight’s castle. Hear me out on this one it’s general appearance looks a lot like how Twilight’s castle would look from the side but the geography doesn’t match up however I think it’s actually a replica castle built on a nearby mountaintop as seen in the right hand side of this screenshot
That little idea aside let’s just say it’s the same castle as Twilight’s we can use is positioning to figure out where everything else is. All you gotta do is turn the map 90 degrees and it’s pretty clear where everything is. Maratime bay is on the Fillydelphia coastline (there’s a little notch on the final official G4 map that lines up perfectly with Maratime bay). Zephyr heights is in Rainbow falls or Neighegrah falls either one works but my bet is on the former. And Bridlewood is in Hollow shades or an overgrown version of Starlight’s village once again I’m betting on the first of the two. You could make a weak case for this being on equestria’s west coast but I have my doubts. However let’s go with that too in that case that puts Maratime bay near Las Pegasus, Bridlewood in whitetail woods and Zephyr heights in the smokey mountains.
Again this is all kinda hinging on the assumption going around that Opaline is the Shadowy alicorn, and that said shadowy alicorn is in twilight’s castle. In her debut scene her throne room looks a lot like the architecture of twilight’s castle so fair assumption. And this is entirely assuming hasbro and the new show runners are paying close attention to the continuity.
also to the folks assuming Opaline’s castle is Canterlot the theory still checks out since they’re relatively close to eachother. here’s the map I’m using if anyone wants to check my work.
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