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Where would the Mane Five stand politically?
Sunny would definitely be a liberal. Maybe even Marxist.
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Such a twist would also mean a near zero chance that Argyle doinked Twilight and/or Sunset.
And that’s just unacceptable. I refuse to believe that the bae of Ponyville or the bae of Canterlot High didn’t see Argyle’s sexy as hell facial scruff and immediately gift the world with the bae of Maritime Bay.
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The latest TYT episode is very interesting. A lot of people don’t see it because it’s about litter collection and clean-up in Maretime bay/Maretime city - but this is probably the first time it’s been proven that there’s more than just Zephyr Heights, Bridlewood and Maretime Bay.
There are so many visiting ponies, including earth ponies, that they have left behind a pollution problem that the Mane 5 had to sort out - as they are the ones who make Maretime Bay an attraction for tourists from near and far. There are so many sightseeing carriages that they are partly dangerous, especially as the city area does not have many wide roads. This suggests that Equestria is much larger than just the three cities, and that there are earth pony communities that are not located in Maretime Bay. And by observing so many smartphones it is obvious that it was not just the pegasi in Zephyr Heights who had this technology, as mass production in such a short time would have been too difficult.
We already know that Izzy has revealed that she is a technician in addition to being an interior artist, and that could not be possible without the advanced education that must have been established at Bridlewood. There, the unicorns had lost access to modern technology so that they had to reuse what little was left, and used natural resources to acquire the necessary technology. But Izzy has revealed that they must have preserved the funds that enable them to have the know-how of advanced technology so they can train technicians. They were quick to pick up the trail after the reunification of the three tribes. With the advantage that they can be experts in reuse and frugality in resource consumption.
This episode only revealed that the technological gap that was seen in the movie was actually misleading for the audience. And that we’re going to see a much bigger Equestria in the future.
From the episode about the tournament, ep. 18, it has been speculated that the pony heads of state consider Maretime Bay an experiment as seen by Queen Haven and Alphabittle’s behavior when they witnessed Sunny’s “experiment”. This is the first indication that Maretime Bay is not the earth ponies’ largest city. And from the last IDW comic (the next one is going to be very interesting since Pipp is too loose-mouthed) we know that there was a “Unity conference” that did not take place in any of the three cities, and was further away. This means that the team behind G5 is now gearing up to show a larger part of the world that was only barely revealed with the movie and MYM.
But; the emotional impact on the magic continues, for although it does not trigger problems, it is clear that positive emotions from collectives of contentment reflected in the cutie marks of the Mane 5 trigger magical “booms” just like in MYM, only positive instead of negative . The ponies, especially the Mane 5, risk losing sight of the real problem of curing magic for emotional instability by getting too used to it. We have seen that Sunny was several times too optimistic and too late to understand signs of problems or dilemmas, so she definitely needs character development. She needs someone who can challenge her and trigger her will to resist. Shadowy alicorn might be the right pony for her. Sunny got into the alicorn mode because there was a lot of positive emotional energy.
By the way, TYT is getting a little worn around the edges, a little too much of the same - the treatment of Posey is becoming uncomfortable for the viewers, among other things - so it should be put on hold. It’s time for something new. And luckily, MYM-NS (NS for “Netflix series” to distinguish these “specials”) will arrive on September 23, so we can soon expect the first revelations from there. MYM “Winter Wishday” will arrive on November 21st as #2 of four specials.
The groundwork for the new world of the ponies is now laid, then it’s time for the Mane 5 to come out to see what had changed since the time when the legendary Mane 6 had lived and worked.
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