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There are some spoiler tagged comments in this page and I haven’t seen them, but I’m assuming it’s either a rumour or a leak. Either way, I’m not gonna click on it.
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We might get to know a little about one of the episodes from the Netflix series:
Join Sunny Starscout and her pony friends for another adventure in Equestria!
Sometimes you have to walk a mile in another pony’s horse shoes to understand what they are going through …
When one of Sparky’s dragon burps makes Sunny and Hitch swap cutie marks, it causes magical mayhem! Swapping powers brings them closer as friends as they grow to understand each other better. But will they work out how to swap back again?
A magical story from the My Little Pony Netflix series.“

An old idea from when Twilight became an alicorn. Which means that Sunny is heading towards the permanent state of being a full alicorn, as the talent magic seemed to be important to the alicornhood as seen several times, like when the Mane 6 met Starlight for the first time, when Daybreaker first appeared after Celestia and Luna got their cutie marks switched with each other. Hitch and Sunny will experience what talent magic means, so it will be an important experience for them - and reveals to them something that had been forgotten. The CMC should not be forgotten, so I hope the scriptwriters have big surprises in store.
The alicorn Sunny evolves. At first her wings and horns were transparent, but as TYT continues they become firmer, and may soon turn natural colors if this continues. We know what Sunny as a natural alicorn will look like based on sketches of her from work on the G5 movie. In the beginning, it can be assumed that she only had a tenth of an alicorn’s powers. But after the glitter situation and other episodes, it is obvious that she becomes stronger the easier she gets control of her emotions and can focus. She is probably now a fifth of a normal alicorn’s level, which will at least have raw power compared to a normal alicorn.
I guess Sunny will stop being an earth pony and become a permanent alicorn when she reaches the same strength level as an alicorn, but then that means she has to ascend and maybe meet an older alicorn who will welcome and guide her. As Celestia had done with Cadence and Twilight. The question is therefore; when? Will it happen in the S1 or later? Anyway, Sunny is now so strong, that she is like a dinosaur among the little birds in matters of magic, and several TYT episodes have shown this. A lone alicorn in matters of magical strength when Tirek was wreaking havoc in Equestria is probably probably as strong as several hundred thousand ponies. (perhaps several million ponies in the IDW comics)
That’s what the ponies and non-ponies will experience when Sunny and the shadow alicorn meet in battle, in what will be the first alicorn battle since Celestia verses Nightmare Moon. Sunny is likely to lose at first to a stronger and more experienced alicorn who masters unicorn magic better than others. But her determination, instincts and desire to protect her friends - and ponies - will see Sunny win in the end, especially with her friends’ support. For an alicorn’s strength lies in her desire to protect.
But after this, Sunny will be confronted with many questions about her alicorn status - especially if the shadow alicorn were to reveal to the ponies that the alicorns were meant to rule over them. The alicorns are “shepherds” of the Ponykind, a role after Megan Williams in the G1. Sunny may have kept this information a secret from the others possibly because she does not want to be treated differently. The battles between Sunny and the shadow alicorn will possibly shock the ponies and alarm non-ponies far away, so they will also have many important questions that need to be answered.
Don’t think the shadow alicorn will be down for the count after the first clash, she will become a rival of Sunny as character development is important in future G5 episodes. But her student will probably desert and perhaps join the Mane 5, which may in the G5 S2 become the New Mane 6.
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What if we get a Background Mane Five, like how fans made a Background Mane Six in G4?
Who would be a good lineup?
Sugar Moonlight
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The 3D series is approaching. From the Christmas album “Winter Wishday” it has been learned that Izzy and Zipp had built a new method of transportation that the Mane 5 can use to get out to the rest of Equestria. The last time such structural revelations were seen, it became of great importance to TYT and MYM - the Crystal brighthouse, focusing on the Unity Crystals for future episodes in both TV and comics.
The new transport is nothing more than a flying bus, with wings that can be folded to drive on country roads. This means that the earth ponies had developed the car technology and thus must have suitable roads in their own lands which have been very little explored so far, revealed by “Sprouticus maximus” who even had license plates. And it could also mean that the pegasi had developed flight technology, although I can’t see how the bus can fly. In the TYT episodes it has been revealed that the unicorns are no less technically savvy than the pegasi and the earth ponies, they just didn’t have access to better technology. Zipp discovered this when she was given high-tech glasses by Izzy.
This only strengthened the hypothesis that the collapse of Equestria hadn’t happened that “long ago”. The IDW comics suggest 100-200 years, let’s say at least three pony generations of forty years each. Maybe four, if the fan theory of Cozy Glow as the progenitor of the royal pegasi family were to be taken up by the G5 scriptwriters.
With the bus called “Mare Stream” (which only proves that the word “Mare” probably has a regional or cultural meaning related to the country where Maretime Bay is located, strengthening the theory that the country was “Maretonia”) the ponies are able to drive out or fly to the rest of Equestria which will be open to them. This means that G5 will not take place only in the three localities that so far make up the world for the viewers of the G5. Probably the north-eastern part of the coast with several big cities there will soon be available, and we can thus find whether Maretime City is a smaller city or not in the earth ponies’ homeland. I think Baltimare still exists. And the apple clan probably has its own homeland, which the map from the G5 movie may have revealed. Time to pay the apple family a visit.
It’s time for Sunny and her friends to spread the message of friendship and togetherness to the rest of the world. Although in the IDW comics they have to take back the Pegasus crystal from Discord, and have to figure out how to approach the problem of the instability of the pony magic in the future. Also, an enemy has appeared, which is going to strike at an unguarded moment. The first season is going to be interesting, a new world will reveal itself while solving the mysteries of the past. We know who will be the end boss/villain of the first season of the G5 series.
And no, I don’t think Sunny will become a real alicorn in the first season, even when she had to fight an older and stronger alicorn. This will come later, perhaps in S3. The end boss of the entire G5 is probably going to mean she had to become a full alicorn forever. She is getting stronger, maybe she will reach the alicorn strength at the end of G5, which could be S3 or later.
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I just saw a pic of an older Sparky Sparkeroni as a sheriff, and now I’m imagining an older Sparky Sparkeroni accidentally breaking things and injuring ponies because he doesn’t know his own strength.
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Really liked this one. Conceptually, it’s similar to “Neigh Fever”, but the structure is different.
I’m sure Trixie feels personally attacked by this episode.
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