MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #35C2
Things I think will probably happen in G5:
— Sunny will undone the link between the Unity Crystals and Equestria’s magic.
— We will find out why the crystals were separated.
— We will learn the backstory of the shadowy alicorn.
— We will learn more about Argyle’s past and the reason why he hid the earth pony crystal.
— The Mane Five will befriend Discord.
— We will know how the Mane Six died (I doubt they are still alive).
— We will find out what happened to the other creatures.
Some of these things may only happen in the comics and I don’t mind. But I am almost certain that there will be at least references to G4 and some G4 characters names mentioned in the Netflix series. I do not think we will have flashbacks with the Mane Six in the main series though. I think this will only happen within the first arc of the comics.
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@Background Pony #35C2
Don’t think they’ll explain their deaths. It was always implied if more explicit than shown.
But yeah, I kind of want Sunny to realise the underlying problem and cut of the link. No more Storms of Retribution.
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I hoped the G5 division was actually caused by a slow burn. But after what i saw in the comics… i cannot take it seriously anymore. This is just a shittier version of Ending Of The End. I had low expectations before the New Generation film and while it has flaws it was still enjoyable for me to see a nice future for it. Hopefully the comics will have no influence on the tv show, just like with G4. To be fair the comics always sucked most of the time. But i am used to get disappointed.
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Well, I just read the comic’s second issue and I have some extremely controversial opinions about it (not that I care what people think or don’t think of me, mainly when those people come from fandoms that exactly aren’t known to act rationally). First: It was good to see Discord and Canterlot again, I didn’t know how much I missed them. Second, I was already expecting Twilight Sparkle to have created the Unity Crystals (it is so obvious), I just didn’t know it would be so shortly after the events of The Last Problem. Third: I do not condemn her decision to create the crystals, the solution to certain problems is not always fair. Fourth: Equestria is not a utopia (utopias are boring), it is more or less like our world but with magic, mythological creatures and intelligent multicolored horses that fly, do magic, sing and dance. Just because a problem can be solved in a certain generation doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.
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So in today’s TYT, the scene in the beginning where Pipp is panicking:
”If Zipp sees you like this, she’s going to be so…”
I couldn’t NOT hear Zipp say “pissed?” as she interjects on my first FOUR listens. I know she actually says “PIPP?” but goddamn was that funny.
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Some people are acting like the shadowy unicorn ruined everything. Did they even read the comic? The Mane Six brought harmony back after what the unicorn had done. Whatever happened probably happened after their death.
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@Background Pony #0F3D
It’s not that the Mane Six brought harmony back after what the unicorn had done that bugs me. It’s that they had to resort to threatening the entire populace over losing all their magic to do it that bugs me.
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I really liked the latest TYT. Zipp and Pipp working together. Zipp getting to do investigation stuff. I like how mixing magic glitter turns everyday substances into potions; reminds me a lot of Dresden Files.
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The disappearance of the magic may justify why the magical creatures have lost their powers, but it can’t justify the disappearance of the Windigos because the fact that the sun and the moon have continued to move means that the magic can’t have completely disappeared from the whole world.
Background Pony #35C2
Synopsis for issue #5:
”The ponies are regaled by an eccentric story-teller who gathers them around the campfire to tell tall tales of chaos magic, secret rituals, and an abandoned shop haunted by what sounds an awful lot like…Discord! Could this be the unlikely clue they’ve been looking for to track him down?“
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