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I just realized something, if all the magic was gone for a while, then the only non pony would be effected the most is the kirins, and not only they use it to levitate yet was seen growing crops almost instantly and without it, then their survival would be more of a struggle when growing the normal way.
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House of the Arcana
Yeah, but they have horns. To me they’re like Asian unicorns. Also, speaking of Chinese mythology, are longmas and kirins similar? Everyone thinks dragons + ponies = kirins but I think that isn’t true.
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“The qilin is described as having antlers like a deer and scales like a dragon or fish; since the giraffe has horn-like ‘ossicones’ on its head and a tessellated coat pattern that looks like scales, it is easy to draw an analogy between the two creatures. The identification of qilin with giraffes has had a lasting influence: even today, the same word is used for the mythical animal and the giraffe in both Korean and Japanese.”
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So, Izzy gave Sunny the repaired lantern, and she gave Zipp the visor.
I wonder what she’s going to make for Hitch and Pipp.
Hitch may get a new badge and Pipp may get a new microphone.
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@Background Pony #35C2
She had what, ten seconds of screen time? Can’t really draw any intelligent conclusions from that. Her introduction did feel like that of a generic Saturday morning cartoon villain, but then again that may just be a result of having no real time to flesh out her character.
I was talking about the whole “It’s time to take back what is mine!”. She must have lived more than all the G5 characters that we’ve seen so far and probably knows how to use magic better than anypony else.
I like to think that that unicorn is her student.
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Ironically enough, it has the same problem like the season 5 and how little Starlight appeared in that season.
Considering that this is the first episode and this is how it concludes, I’m assuming she will have a strong relevance and presence in Make your Mark. I can’t imagine another creative team making the same mistakes of MLP:FiM in season 5.
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Spoilers for G5 in general above and below:
Twilight created the Unity Crystals. She gathered all Equestria’s magic and placed it in the three crystals.
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At least that’s what Discord told the Mane Five. He also mentioned the Shadowy Alicorn who was a unicorn at the time. She caused pandemonium with her false ideas of a perfect Equestria.
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