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Am I the only one disappointed we never really got to hear the new Maritime Bay Day song?
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Would you watch an episode where Izzy finds out Posey doesn’t like her?
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Yeah, I’m sticking with my headcanon that Izzy is autistic.
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With Izzy, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel like they’re setting up for her to learn a lesson about respecting boundaries.
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Posey proposes a law that requires unicorns and pegasi to get licenses to perform magic or fly, similar to drivers’ licenses or licenses to own a gun.
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I remember getting shit from people when I said Izzy had no respect for boundaries when she blindly trespassed into Maretime Bay in the movie. And now people are expecting she learn a lesson from it when people said movie Izzy did nothing wrong. Wonder what changed.
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Interestingly for me, it seems TYT made Hitch and Izzy goofier while Zipp, Pipp, and Sunny more-or-less remain their movie counterparts. I always thought it’d be Hitch who try to be only sane pony while getting dragged into the madness but that role apparently mostly falls to Zipp and Sunny.

I think the reasons Izzy lacks boundaries is because she’s overly needy. Needy or codependent people crave love and affection from others. And Izzy definitely lacks love and affection from the other unicorns. Basically what I’m saying is the writers have a lot to build up with her.
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Well they better do it eventually.
While it is kind of funny to see Izzy and Posey chase shenanigans, Izzy literally was terrorizing the poor mare and it seems like she was about to steal Posey’s ring.
Seriously Hitch and Sunny need to talk to her about boundaries and finding more peaceful ways to get resources.
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