MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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The game makes it Canon that Hitch is a ladies man
(One if the side quests is Sunny helping a unicorn called Primrose find some fancy clothes so she can look pretty for her date with Hitch)
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I enjoyed MYM and I didn’t have high expectations for it. Some are acting like it is G5’s job to be ‘as good as G4’. G5 will never be G4 and that is not a bad thing. I enjoyed all nine seasons from G4. Yes, even episodes 24 and 25 from season 9 and the finale. No, I don’t fell superior because I liked all nine seasons neither do I feel special. It’s just that I never have high expectations. I do have expectations but I don’t think I will ever be devastated by MYM.
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So what’s the game about? Does it tie in somehow or is it just a retelling of yesterday’s special?
Likewise is there any more content than the 20 more preview showed? ’cuz, uh, it looked pretty sparse.
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I think you’re destined for disappointment if you keep going into G5 with expectations that it should be worse, just as good or better than G4.
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On another note, I wished they used the concept art for TYT Hitch rather than the official design. At least he’s more normal looking there.
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