MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #6922
I feel the voice actor for Hitch tends to over-exaggerate a little. Like when Hitch first understood the animals, he was stretching it out a little with the “Did I just… understand youuuuu??” and “Whaaaat” when it wasn’t necessarily.
Also when Hitch, Zipp, and Pipp were looking for Sunny/Izzy, he was the only one actually screaming while Zipp and Pipp’s voices were more normal.
Background Pony #90D1
Who voiced the Shadowy Alicorn? If it wasn’t Bahia Watson, I think we can rule out the possibility she’s Misty.
It wasn’t Bahia Watson. Her name wasn’t in the credits.
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So according to the maretine bay video game, Sprout is still a raging racist and is behind/supportive of the earth ponies wanting to get rid of the magic
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Makes sense. I’m just trying to piece together when if at all the game takes place in the continuity.
Sprout’s around, so it’s either before TYT or after. And yet WINGS is a thing and the game is centered around the Unity Crystal glitches and is building up to Maretime Bay Day.
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I really hope the dependence on the Unity Crystal doesn’t become a recurring thing. We already have it with the movie, special, video game, and comic.
Background Pony #90D1
I don’t believe that the shadowy alicornis related to any character from G4 but isn’t it weird that she doesn’t have a name? She looks like an important character. Even Sparky’s name was put in the credits but hers wasn’t and he doesn’t even talk.
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@Background Pony #90D1
Wow. I forgot that cartoons made in Toronto rarely credit all voice actors properly. She probably is either voiced by Vanessa or somebody else (I know Kimberly is Posey, Sara is Dahlia, Amanda is Haven, Samantha is Jazz, Jonathan is Rocky and probably other male characters besides Hitch and Sparky and Athena is Zoom).

@Background Pony #E0DA
It has to be tragic or at least ironic. She’s an alicorns because she was either chosen to be (she was once a good and responsible pony) or she was born one (she came from good and responsible alicorns). Plus she looks old so she’s probably bitter too.
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