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Sunny and Pipp doing karaoke.
They sing Disney songs.
(Because their VAs, Vanessa Hudgens and Sofia Carson, both worked for Disney).
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It would be funny if there was a flashback showing Sunny as a foal in school where she “corrects” the history teacher about misinformation.
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Queen Haven often plays chess with Zipp to teach her about strategy so that she will make a good queen.
Zipp inherited her mother’s cunning while Pipp inherited her mother’s charisma
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What would you guys think if Earth Ponies had healing powers in G5? I mean, some people think that superstrength or nature-related powers would be too obvious for Earth Ponies. If the production team thought the same, perhaps they would try getting a little more creative.
Background Pony #B31C
How likely is it that we see a trailer for the G5 special for one of the Super Bowl commercials?
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