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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Some people need to understand that Argyle is never coming back. He is gone. The movie staff decided that while making the movie. Yes, in early scripts of the movie Sprout would just put him in jail but they decided to kill him instead.
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I like to imagine a scene like this.
Teacher: (teaches about how non-earth ponies are evil)
Sunny Starscout: (raises her hoof)
Teacher: Yes, Sunny?
Sunny Starscout: What if we can become friends with them?
Classmates: (gasp in horror or laugh at her)
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I think the whole “this scene from this film wasn’t like it was previously planned” argument is not very good.
Making an animated film is really really HARD. You don’t just write something. It requires producers, directors, ideas that are gonna be greenlit or not, writers, concept artists, character designers, background designers, creative decisions, corporate decisions, storyboard artists, animators, animation tools, editing tools, sound effects, voice actors, composers, editors, budget. It’s a whole can of possible problems.
Film is a product of its time and conditions. All the conditions the animators had when they made it, constraints of money, constraints of time and everything else, created that original film.
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again i know that Sunny’s father is dead, what im confused about is where people are saying that he wa either gonna be arrested at the start of the movie, or be seen lateron in the movie by Sunny.
this is the first time i’ve heard about it and idk where those bgps got that infofrom
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An episode in G5 where Sunny finds out more about Argyle.
As a filly, Sunny thought her dad knew everything and could solve any problem. As a mare, she realizes that he didn’t.
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