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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Although one thing I feel like has died out are MLP ytps. Seriously I don’t know if it’s just me. But I don’t think I’ve a recent ytp from Season 8 or 9 yet. They’re all from the earlier seasons.

I wouldn’t expect much until maybe a month to a couple weeks before. Don’t think Netflix plans on treating it as a “prestige” release.
Ngl, kinda sucks how Netflix pushed the G5 movie aside after it was released. Didn’t really try campaigning it for any awards when frankly it was one of the better kids movies this year imo, and definitely better than the big one they are pushing. Songs were better than Encanto’s also, and I say that as someone who had previously been on the Lin Manuel train.
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You guys remember the time travelling thing right? Well what happens in those timelines into the future? As in the AU where Sombra is waging war on Equestria how would that affect Maretime Bay or if it will exist?

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i don’t see it being brought up in g5, maybe the wasteland timeline by retconning a new villain into things, but that’s a stretch but it’s something i could see, maybe as a visual for the audience or maybe the cast were shown said visual just to show this bbeg is boss.
Is my answer irrelevant? yes? why? becuase your post is about as irrelevant.
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I’ve been meaning to write about what makes the humour of the G5 movie tick.
If you know about G4, then the whole premise of G5 seems kind of silly and absurd going in. But the movie takes the idea that the audience knows better than the characters and doubles down on it. Rather than being irreverent and self-aware, the movie is unapologetically silly, and takes itself completely seriously.
Meanwhile, dry humour is a part of how intelligent people communicate. (Sometimes I even pick up on it.) The use of dry humour is how the movie telegraphs which characters are the smart ones (Sunny, Argyle, Hitch, Izzy, and Zipp).
The end result is a highly amusing contrast of dumb and smart. And a lot of the secondary and background characters end up feeling like real horses: kind and gentle creatures that can get spooked, and often need a “voice of reason” to guide them.
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Sprout gets reformed and becomes like Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show: Dumb, bumbling, but well-meaning.
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