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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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@northern haste
Yeah. When the show had gone so far as to completely ignore everything the comics had done with Sombra, I’d assume any further comics are also going to be of little consequence canon wise.
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I don’t think some G4 comics will have any impact to a new animated TV show of ponies. But it’s better this way. The most important thing for G5 is to re-engineer everything to make this work, which kinda did with the G5 movie.
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Sprout becomes Sunny’s arch-enemy. Sunny tries to make him see the light, but he just makes fun of her.
Sunny eventually decides to fight Sprout after he goes too far, saying that sometimes there must be war in order for there to be peace.
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I just realized Sprout might be the only earth pony antogonist in the franchise. G4 was full of unicorn and pegasus antogonists but never earth pony.
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Lauren Faust designed the six to be almost larger than life. They are incredibly strong, fortified female protagonists. Pinkie is indestructible, classic slapstick, as if she were plucked right out the 1930’s Golden Era.
I love the six for the epic legends they became, but I admire the NewGen ponies because they are more down-to-earth and believable.
That’s what the Mane Six will be in the G5, legends of inspiration and memory for future generations. If memory-manipulating spells were used that cause the ponies - and perhaps the whole world - to forget their past, it could mean that a return to the G4 background may be necessary for the G5 lore, the “learn from the past to improve the future” ideal. Hasbro has confirmed that the Mane 6 is dead, with one exception, Twilight Sparkle who may have hidden from a mysterious enemy or sought refuge in a dimension that is possibly where Twilight becomes an alicorn, “the elsewhere”.
Sunny and her friends have a new world to explore, and although it will be based on the G4 with the movie, the TV series and the comics, very much will be unrecognizable as Equestria had been when Celestia and Luna were young. Equestria is changing, and so is the rest of the world. There are many indications that Equestria has been divided into twelve states and so far Sunny has “only” reformed three out of twelve.
World building is much easier with rules and background material than starting anew in a “reboosting”. And since the Mane 6 had left its mark on the world in its time, they will be part of the background for world exploration when Sunny embarks on her adventures. After all, Twilight had left behind an “empire” based on bonds of friendship on probably three continents. These are very big horseshoes for Sunny, destined to create a new and better world for everyone.
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On what? Hasbro has confirmed that the Mane 6 is dead (in the G5) this has been discussed in this thread, only Twilight Sparkle is not included, which indicates that she is either alive or will appear later in the G5 (as a ghost, maybe). All told that she will not appear in the G5 S1, but possibly in the end as in the G5 S3 in a couple of years or more if Sunny is to become a permanent alicorn and face her most dangerous enemy. The movie has only shown the beginning.
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@Background Pony #7189
I don’t believe Hasbro said all that unless you show source or the proof.
You have not followed this thread! The G4 ponies according to Hasbro are dead for the G5 continuation and this has been expected as no one expected them to be immortal or to be in the world of the mortals many centuries after their time. Only the alicorns, which can live much longer and even be immortal for long periods, are able to survive for many centuries. If 800 to 1000 years had passed between the G4 and the G5, this is not insurmountable for Twilight. And Spike can live just as long, he is not among those who have been declared dead.
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World building is much easier with rules and background material than starting anew in a “reboosting”.
Ehhhhhhh… there are pluses and minuses.
Everyone has “pluses and minuses”. The G5 is in the same world as the G4, only at least a thousand years later. A thousand years is a lot, when Equestria was still young, there were many cities that did not exist long in Twilight`s time, and political and cultural conditions changed over time - remember what happened Rockhoof, his people disappeared. Probably only half to two thirds of Equestria from the Hasbro map had not been explored, and the movie showed that the Bridlewood, Zephyr Heights and Maretime Bay may have existed in the G4 as travel sites. The airship station, which had early housed hot air balloons, revealed that Zephyr Heights was a suburb around a regional air traffic for residents of Canterlot - Bridlewood and Maretime Bay were little more than resort towns.
When it was thought that the G4 world could continue in the G5 with very different political and cultural conditions, Twilight had ruled in an empire with a lot of migration as seen in the last episode of G4 - and the license plate on Sprout`s robot monster shows twelve stars. As meant there are 12 states where there was only one state.
In our own world, a thousand years is so fundamentally different, that it is like two separate worlds, none of the nations of the world today have existed for so long without changing their own character. Not even people. When the G4 took place - there were many ruins and much more from a thousand years before, as when Celestia and Luna were young probably 1,400 to 1,100 years ago. Canterlot did not exist in the G4 according to the TV series until the Nightmare Moon was expelled to the moon. With one exception, it is believed by Canterlot either did not exist or was an insignificant unicorn town until Celestia moved there from Everfree. When Ponyville was founded, she gave settlers permission because the land was hers. No place of residence is without an urban community.
In short; everyone transforms into the unrecognizable when it has been so long.
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You know Sunny doesn’t have a house anymore. She’s gonna need a place to crash.
Preferably with a friend. One that has their own house with a paid off mortage.
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Watching Twilight’s Kingdom made me wonder: where did Tirek come from?
Maybe G5 could explain some lore about Scorpan.
Also is the real Grogar still out there?
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