MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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@Background Pony #C0B3
Sounds good on paper. But too OP for my liking. Each character should have a trait thar they should specialize in that the others can't match as well as the others.

Most importanty, it might negate the importance of the other characters, if just one character have all these traits and the others might be inferior.
Background Pony #077F
Reposting my thought on the selfie poster

Seeing characters you were being acustomed to for a decades, that live in a fairy tale-medieval-sortasteampunk setting suddenly ,by the virtue of timeskip (which is a justifiable excuse unless the unforgivable couldnt-care-less asspull that is the Mirror Dimension That Conveniently Led To An Urban Setting Similar To Monster High And Disfigure The Main Character To Badly Colored Barbies In the Process) acquire cellphones and make a selfie, that make you dimly aware that 10 years have passed. As i hope i established properly, i'm not bitter about that development, in my mind the justification to that state of being make sense for a narrative standpoint (seeing what Equestria look in the distant future ? Yeah why not, show me, i'm curious) , it really does but you know they did it to appeal to the "zoomers". That too is justifiable from a marketing standpoint, of course Hasbro is going to cater to today's kid ,if we feel left behind in my opinion it's our "fault", we're getting old

And we feel that on the double since you know,we're not the target audience
Background Pony #077F
And you felt anger on that post about my fear of 4chan shoving their "go woke,go broke" discourse that's on you. I was just posting my concerns on the matter and i wasnt doomposting but let's be realist, pop culture fandom attitude is pretty bleak nowadays
Me shitting on Equestria Girls, yeah i get that to you that's anger, that shit is inexcusable.10 years doesnt wash away that it was (probably not intended but still) a metaphorical middle finger to both Faust and to everyone who hope media for girls evolve beyond being Barbie
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@Dex Stewart
Yeah,G1.5 established that from the get go. A more or less contemporary (1980s in that case) setting. I like that it seems that G5 seems to define G4 as "Ancient Equestia" .
Background Pony #077F
Once again, i emphasize i'm fine with the G5 settings allowing the ponies to have cellphones and what not. Time passed and their technology evolved naturally from the vague Schizotech steampunk technology they had (they already had cinema theater and two reel movie projector) to being able to take selfies
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I am just hoping they will not make cringy jokes of mentioning random websites with horse puns. Scoob was enough for me.
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