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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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How about an episode where Pipp develops an eating disorder after reading an insensitive comment about her weight on her social media page?
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@ichiban iceychan 1517  
Doug’s chubby buddy: am I a joke to you and I’m pretty sure since it’s a Netflix original series it has less restrictions than if it were to air on discovery family.
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I was kinda neutral on the new MLP movie and series,but the new Masters of the Universe show made me worried.  
If something that bad could actually get made,MLP could be next…  
At the very least MLP is far nicer looking.

When a fan is working on something official, my hope for it goes up a little bit. I mean look at the Sonic movie, if they didn’t have that fan to help redesign Sonic, that movie would have been dumped on by the masses.

@Shimmering Spectacle  
That would be nice, but the timeline wouldn’t make since for that, I think. My guess is that Hasbro was working for the movie around 2016. Sonic was announced and was supposed to come out around 2019, but because of fan reaction had to come out in 2020. I think Imalou been working on the film before that, since she was a character designer.
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