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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Tagger of the Unknown
I hope the G5 movie doesn't solve too many problems and in fact I would like there to still be mysteries to be resolved in the tv show. They need to be careful to let there still be character development to be had in the show as well as stories left to be told in the series.
Background Pony #3E03
From My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie Royal Gala Collection (the description for these toys contains a movie plot spoiler):
"Meet Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, and Queen Haven: the royal Pegasus family from Zephyr Heights. When Sunny and Izzy crash their Royal Gala in search for a magical crystal, a pop star performance takes an unexpected turn! Imagine adventures in the clouds with the Amazon exclusive Royal Gala Collection, featuring characters and accessories inspired by the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. Includes pony characters from the film: Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and Queen Haven. Also get to know Pegasus friends from Zephyr Heights: the royal guard Zoom Zephyrwing, paparazzi pony Shutter Snap, TV host Dazzle Feather, and stage manager Ruddy Sparks".
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