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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread


I could see some kind of homage or something at some point. But Hasbro's My Little Pony exists to sell toys to kids. It will never deliberately be something kindergartners shouldn't see.
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@Shimmering Spectacle

Anything's possible. G4 will probably still have a cult following in the years to come, so it might be possible that G5 could likely be popular, but not as popular as G4.

Adding to that is the previous gens experiencing a Renaissance in part cause of G4.
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The production staff credits that have been added to IMDb seem accurate, but they also seem to be from LinkedIn. The two known character designers (Lea Dabssi and Celia Kaspar) also aren't listed. The presence of those credits seems to inaccurately imply that the VA credits are also accurate even though they clearly come from a different source.

Kelly Sheridan is on record saying that she is definitely not in G5, that she was not contacted for any auditions, and that the voices were probably recorded in Ireland.
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