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Yes, though in the the first 3 Seasons (Digital Emation did the first season, the other two by Collideascope), there wasn't a lot of whipcracks. The 3 Atomic Cartoons seasons were known for their overuse of whipcracks.

This wasn't seen on any of the other stuff they did.
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What if I told you that G5 having references/analogies to modern day politics/social issues/technology isn't inherently a bad thing?

The world is a different place than it was when FiM came out in 2010, politically, socially and technologically.
You're right that it’s not an inherently bad thing, but a fine line needs to be walked when referencing the present day. If it’s an in-your-face symbolism! thing analogy integral to an episode’s plot or character, then it’ll date things pretty badly. If it’s an aside or a background reference a la chocolate rain or "winter is coming," then the people who’ll get it will get it, and those who won’t will be none the wiser.

Not to steer things in a political direction, but you can definitely tell that season 8 of FiM was written during the Trump administration, and although the writers thankfully weren’t blatant about it, you could feel the political reality of the time seeping into the show. I bring this up because A) it wouldn’t be unprecedented for modern issues to be reflected in the show, and B) if managed, it won’t feel like the writers are beating you about the head with it.

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NGL if they did a ZLM or especially an episode about a pegasus transitioning into a unicorn I’d be quite invested in the show, if only for the sheer balls that would take, and for the aforementioned backlash from the usual suspects.

I think a good example on the whole politics/social issues/technology stuff is Zootopia. I think it dealt with those issues pretty well, while still being a fun movie.
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Is that the main message you got from the movie? I could be wrong, but I thought the whole purpose was more about prejudice and discrimination base on species of the animals, the predators vs the prey (to correlate with racism in the real world). I know the movie didn't go to in-depth on the topic, but it did a pretty good job at balancing the whole politics/social issues/technology stuff while still being a fun family movie.
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It did well on its own, but it's probably not the kind of thing you can try to draw to parallels to real life.

Like yeah, it's racism, but it's not for the same reasons and the issues are literally manufactured.

Then again, maybe that means it's more apt than i initially thought.

But, let's try to keep conversation to ponies.
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