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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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What if I told you that G5 having references/analogies to modern day politics/social issues/technology isn’t inherently a bad thing?
The world is a different place than it was when FiM came out in 2010, politically, socially and technologically.
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@Background Pony #2C50  
It’s not as different as you might think.
And it wouldn’t be inherently bad, if I had no prior knowledge of them.
As it stands, i know what media tends to go for, and that tendency (no hard and fast rules, but the tendency) is enough to keep me worried. Never mind what they directly allude to what they plan for.
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@Background Pony #2C50  
IF they address said issues in such a hamfisted and obvious matter that it looks like an angry teenager from reddit who just took their first poli sci class wrote the script, it certainly will be a bad thing. Forget the politics, soapbox characters or stories need to be handled with a deft hand. Soapbox characters often do badly because the audience can basically view this character as a megaphone for the writer’s opinion and can hardly even see the individual character supposedly on screen. Likewise, stories like this are too often so hollow and wooden, the message eclipses the somewhat empty story entirely.
Whatever political belief G5’s trying to encourage will be utterly pointless if it tells its story and characterizes its cast badly.
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If G5 does a Zebra Lives Matter episode and has a pegasus transitioning into a unicorn I’m going to applaud the balls they had to do that and laugh my ass off at the aftermath. G5 will most definitely not get six seasons and a movie if they start off doing something like that. Can’t imagine ANY toy company risking the ire of parents.
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What if Titmouse animated G5?
No, seriously, imagine a 2D MLP cartoon animated by Titmouse.
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So far we’ve got the mane cast of characters revealed, Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Hitch Trailblazer, Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm. The release date will be in September. We’ve got a summary that Equestria has lost its magic which caused distrust to seperate the pony species. We’ve also heard that it’s gonna be set sometime in the future. There are also iPhones and future technology being used in Equestria. That’s all that I’ve heard off the top of my head about what’s to come of G5.

@northern haste
Why? because those tend to be one-sided?
Basically - they tend to pin the blame on technology itself, rather than the villains who chose to use it for less-than-noble purposes. Plus that kind of thing has been done to death, and in general pre-industrial fantasy worlds are a dime a dozen.
It would be an interesting change of pace to see a society which has acknowledged that magic and technology can each do things the other can’t, and that both of them have their place - perhaps have that be the moral to a story that starts out looking like your bog-standard “magic vs. technology” plot.
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@Background Pony #05D5  
They’re a animation studio from Vancouver, known for Atomic Betty, Season 4-6 of Johnny Test and others.
Probably they wanted to at least have the series continue to get animated in Canada in addition to Ireland.
@northern haste  
TBF, Most CG Series tend to be 2D, others are 3D. I’m kinda thinking the former for the series, but ehh.
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@Background Pony #565D  
Yes. To be honest, it is kinda hard to have only one studio animating a 3D series! Too many hiatuses between episodes. That quite likely is why Miraculous Ladybug has so many studios (at least 5 in the current season), to try to avoid hiatuses. Do they manage to avoid it? No, they fail miserably! But I think Hasbro will avoid it flawlessly.
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