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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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With that release schedule It seems that people have forgotten that a teaser trailer can be as simple as look what we’re making. They have already teased the movie
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G5 might not be as good as G4, but it will probably be better than G1 and G3.
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@Background Pony #2C50  
Hasbro said themselves that the expectation for cartoons is higher and they need to actually be good to sell well. So this isn’t just (hopefully) passionate cartoonists trying to make something good despite Hasbro’s orders, but actively working with Hasbro with a common goal. At least I hope so.
Also, G1 was just a different time for cartoons. It was pretty much the same (bad) quality of most cartoons made to sell toys at the time. Standards for that have been different for a while. I mean, hey, I enjoyed G1 a lot more than G3 but even G3 was more competently made.

@Background Pony #6ABD  
Yeah, I’m gonna agree with the old cartoon sediment. I think cartoons started to take themselves seriously after Avatar came out. I appreciate Gen 1 for what it was, plus I think Gen 1 was the most fantasy like and disturbing out of all the gens.
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Muh themes!
Nobody expected G4 to blow up the way it did, so there was this running theme of not really hammering out the logic of the worldbuilding.  
In this picture, the armour of the guards meshes with the Art Deco environment so well that nobody even questioned it.
It was someone’s job to figure out how a horse would hold a smartphone. The fact that a phone appears in promotional materiel tells me that they’ve put a lot more thought into the worldbuilding, and that they have confidence in the results.
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I’ll believe the latter example when i can see more than the back. Because that and armor as shiny as that particular room isn’t quite convincing me.
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Sorry, what I said was pretty rude. I definitely enjoyed G1 for what it was! I’m glad they went for an adventure theme too. I’d legitimately love a more polished remake of Rescue at Midnight Castle, especially with a similar art style to the one used in that special. The ponies looked graceful.
I’d say cartoons were consistently taking themselves seriously in the 90s too. All of CN’s Cartoon Cartoons (PPG, Dexter’s Lab, etc.) are the first that come to mind, and that’s only a fraction of the good stuff from that decade! Lots of passion.
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You think Hasbro’s confidence in G5 stems from how successful G4 was for them rather than the actual quality of G5 itself? Like maybe they think g4 wasn’t lightning in a bottle but because of their carefully cultivated marketing skills. Maybe they have a bit too much overconfidence in G5 because they’re looking at it through G4 glasses and the actual G5 product kinda sucks.
Not saying this is a certainty but from what I’ve seen so far, I can’t discount this as a theory.
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