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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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That’s because when Hasbro actually got a “special sauce provider” they scared her away by doing a vulgar soulless spinoff that bastardized and spat on said special sauce so no one worth their salt and who work outside the toy industry want to waste energy in a pointless mug game  
On a less bitter note, of course i think whoever those people at Boulder Media are took this assignement seriously but i think no matter how good the eventual result could be, the special thunder that made G4 special is unlikely to strike in the same place twice. I mean it can be very good like for example DS9 that followed TNG but people remember TNG more because it put Star Trek back on the pop culture map first. I said that before and i say it again,they have a “tough act to follow” situation on their hands so i empathize with Boulder Media and respect their efforts but i mentally prepare myself to be disapointed to not find the je ne sais quoi of G4 in G5 however i dont resent them for that because i realize you cant conjure that special sauce out of thin air

@Background Pony #077F  
I really wouldn’t call creating a mass media phenomenon with countless fans “a mug’s game”. How many previous MLP gens were so big the next one felt the need to link back to them? None, that’s how many.
Yep, and the reasons why have never been revealed. (Lots of speculation, though.)
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Faust stepped down as executive producer after Season One finished airing, and had left the project by the end of Season Two. The first Equestria Girls came out between seasons three and four.
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She didn’t even know Equestria Girls was a thing until we knew, as far as I can tell.  
I mean, she was surprised when Princess Cadance was an alicorn in the final version of the episode, she must’ve left decently early.
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@Background Pony #6ABD  
Leaked email showed McCarthy was aware of Faust “vocal disdain” displeasure with the whole shit. The point wasn’t as much as “shitty vulgar spin-off made Faust quit” but more like “shitty vulgar spinoff sent a pretty hostile message to anyone like Faust who want to put honest to god efforts in those kind of IP and to anyone who supported this kind of direction they were taking” . Hence the” mug game” part of the comment, kinda pointless to try to build something worthwhile with an IP that isn’t yours, granted, if it’s going to be callously disregarded in a heartbeat and being handwaved as “eh, whatever, it’s a toy show”  
Which is fine and dandy but there is just a little subtlety that is often forgotten,” eh whatever it’s a toys show mindset” usually result in G3, not G4
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What if in G5, Spike became a recluse?
Then it’s revealed that Twilight started Twilighting when racial tensions started to come back, and her solutions only made things worse. Spike, seeing how bad things were, decides to resign as Royal Advisor and second in command. Twilight, in her anxiety, accuses Spike of treason and declares him an enemy of the state, forcing Spike to go on the run and flee to the far reaches of Equestria.
Sometime after, Twilight dies, and Spike was never able to make amends with her.
Or would that be too sad?
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In the good taste area principally and the “I hoped Faust hiring meant not following Barbie footsteps especially when the franchise is about horses, it’s in the title like literally. Doing anything else is kinda off-topic”  
Which mean when they panic written off the part where the purple horse wanted to get jiggy with the humanoid yellow Ken ersatz she met 2 seconds ago out of nowhere and in complete disregard of her character or when the Diamond Dogs equivalent are humans but the dragons equivalent are dogs because consistent world building doesn’t mean jack shit when stepping in Monster High toes matter more ? Kinda stopped following around the part where they forgot the franchise namesake but sheepishly added horseshoes decal to the High School Musical lockers to desesperately try to remind you what you watched. It’s vulgar to the core, polishing the turd didn’t hide it’s nature, quite frankly
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