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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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So how exactly is the 3DCG of the new G5 movie supposed to carry over to the actual animated series? I’d imagine there will be a substantial downgrade in overall detail for each individual character model, right? I mean, they can’t realistically expend the same amount of financial resources as the movie in a lower budget episodic show, so I’d imagine they’ll be cutting corners in as many places as possible.
Personally, I’m not really a fan of the 3D look, but I’m willing to tolerate it as is. But I fear that after the downgrade, the art style will fall from merely being “meh” to “genuinely terrible”. I hope they prove me wrong, but the future of poni is looking pretty bleak if I’m being real with myself…
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I wish that was the case, but I’m pretty sure it was confirmed the series will be 3DCG as well.
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3D series have been looking better lately. There’s one I’ve seen commercials for called True and the Rainbow Kingdom which looks quite nice. We’ve seen an Izzy render (the one with her standing and looking straight at you) who’s hair looks textured differently than both the screencap and little animation, and I wonder if that’s a render from the show rather than the movie.
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We’ve seen an Izzy render (the one with her standing and looking straight at you) who’s hair looks textured differently than both the screencap and little animation, and I wonder if that’s a render from the show rather than the movie.
Which one? Can we get a side-by-side comparison?
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I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s highly unlikely that G5 will be as good or as popular as G4. G4’s success and popularity was the cause of a perfect storm of things.
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I honestly think it’s possible for the quality of G5 to be better than the “golden age” of G4 but I won’t get my hopes up for it. I genuinely expect it to be good but I don’t want my expectations to be too high so I don’t get too disappointed.
As for popularity, I highly doubt the peak of the Brony fandom will ever happen again. That sort of thing rarely happens with even the best stories. It’d be awesome if it did, but it probably won’t.
I do wonder about popularity with the target audience tho, the Brony fandom will probably stay pretty chill (maybe something close to the 2016-2017 fandom) but target audience popularity is just an unknown. Will this be another G1 for kids or another G2?
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I expect it to be slightly above average at best. Maybe some element that I will think is cool or well done sometimes happens but suffering from some formulaic qualities by the nature of careful corporate planning in the aftermath of a success.
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Middle ground. There is going to be a brief interest wave from a lot of former fans and some new folks that may stick around.
Also, have I been under a rock or is there something planned with tik toc?
I can see that for Fame and Misfortune too.
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Oh I agree, lots of young teenagers. Hope fans who have been around for a while don’t hate the younger fans. In the early days some people were gatekeeping literal little girls (times have changed so that probably won’t happen again). Also hope the younger ones won’t hate the older fans. I’ve noticed a lot of people recounting some bad experiences as a younger person in the fandom and nobody wants that to be the norm.
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It’s actually really cool when you think about it. Gen 4 started around 2009 when most of the targeted audience were little children (I was one of them). Now with Gen 5 coming out, I’ve been seeing a lot of teenagers/young adults come back. And on the topic of older fans, I just hope they don’t become too entitled. Other than that, older and newer fans should be pretty chill about things. I just hope the fandom isn’t going to be too toxic.
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