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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Interesting theory.
Assuming that the series keeps the voice acting in Vancouver, i could see FiM voice actors getting shuffled. They did that when G3 and G4 came, so…

People are always gonna be lewding something, even controversial characters or what not. It all just comes down to if it’s a joke or if that person is like James Charles. I’m just surprised people are so open about telling someone who’s worked on the movie, something so trivial.
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Does no one remember what happened with Fame and Misfortune? It got rewritten without DHX’s permission to bash the adult fans, and this caused such a rift between Hasbro and DHX that they broke up and never looked back (Pony Life could be leftover episode ideas from Hasbro for all we know) and then there’s also Pony Tale Adventures which was shut down recently; someone at Hasbro clearly doesn’t like adult fans/NSFW one bit.
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Seems a bit stupid from that guys POV, if we’re looking it at from a business perspective: Why tell adult fans, who are giving you a load of extra money, to piss off?
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Mlp always had adult fans who, most likely like to collect the toys. There’s nothing wrong with adults liking a show guided more to children/teens. However it does become a problem when those adults become entitled. Especially to stuff that isn’t really important.
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I understand why the episode is not like and I understand both sides. But I’m siding more on the writiers here. Some bronies, especially on Twitter, are very vocal about what they want, so they bombard the writers. So it probably left a bad taste in their mouths. It’s one thing to be upset when the writing for child base show is very questionable and very concerning, it’s another thing when you’re upset because your not getting what you want.
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It’s almost common knowledge that Fame and Misfortune doesn’t resemble MA Larson’s original script/episode idea at all and that we don’t even really know all the people who had a hand in writing it. He said he disliked being credited for a mean-spirited episode like that. But everything else you said is new to me, where did you hear all that?
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