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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Assuming Hitch is gonna be a main character that leaves us with two pegasi, two earth ponies and one unicorn. Wonder who the other will be.
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A unicorn maybe? To balance it out.
Also according to some leaks, the sixth member is a male stallion similar to Big Mac’s build.
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I think it’s weird that this stallion mentioned in the leak shows no other sign of existing so far. Everyone else has been officially revealed and even then there were pictures proving they existed before their official reveal. @GoodVibesGorgeous (I think) brought up on Equestria Daily that this might be because the stallion is a spoiler, like a reformed villain who joins the cast.

The only problem I have is with Zipp’s hair, it looks like freshly squeeze toothpaste. I really liked the idea of her hair being longer. However, other than that everything looks fine.
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She has the trans flag colors and a lot of people think she looks like a butch lesbian, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets adopted by parts of the LGBT+ community.
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Not a fan of the cell phone thing, after pony life it makes me think the show is moving further away from the classic comfy fantasy feel.
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Usually when the show had more “advanced” tech it was some little side thing. This makes me worried that the show won’t be another fantasy world like FIM.
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Understandable to a point. I have no sympathy for channers but i can walk a mile in the shoes of fellow fans and understand the reticence after 10 years of G4 shaping the identity of the franchise and making sure that its shadow along with Faust shadow is metaphorically constantly looming on the franchise from now on
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The contrast between magic, which hijacks the laws of physics with every spell, and technology, which reinforces them by using its very mechanisms, is a classic tale if I’m not mistaken. I doubt that Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura was the only story ever told about that, at least.
That video game’s plot would work wonders with G5 really, even if they made a carbon copy. Not too many tweaks necessary to make it fit the world and rating of My Little Pony too, if I recall correctly.
As for Zipp, time will tell if I can get over her atrocious (to me) design. I only see a mix between a literal peacock and an off-brand Rainbow Dash, with twice the attitude and none of the charm. (That seems to be a 3D over 2D thing, however; I find she looks good here, although still too busy color-wise.)
Pipp is totes adorbz though.
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