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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I mean, smartphones have been around for 14 years, so they're really not a "fellow kids" thing. In fact, they're basically a staple of modern life, and the "fellow kids" are too young to remember a time without smartphones.
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Shiny Bug
IMO it's more about how they use them than anything. Pony Life I feel is an example of "Fellow Kids"ing it, as it jams in plotlines specifically about them into a universe where it doesn't really fit or make sense. If the whole smart phone thing feels more natural here, then I won't have a problem with it.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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There was only really that one batch of episodes, which fans consider to be the weakest in the series anyways. Outside of that, I never got a "fellow kids" impression. But I digress.

@northern haste
That would be such a great detail.
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/mlp/ is throwing a shitfit over the inclusion of phones.

What a surprise.

Fluttershy's attempt at an unboxing video was one of the better episodes.

But then we had a whole episode dedicated to Rainbow Dash deciding what apps she really needs on her tablet, which was one of the worst ones.

So technology in itself is neither good or bad — it's all about how the writers use it.

Though Sunny's bedroom did suggest a roughly 80's tech level, which could be a neat way for the MLP franchise to reconnect with its roots.
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Since the G5 characters were made for a world with smartphones it'll probably be fine. I think Pipp will be portrayed as the most "modern" pony. Merch descriptions imply she's a singer, so she probably gets connections on social media and such. The other ponies probably won't use modern tech as much as she does. OH, and maybe the pegasi kingdom is the most technologically advanced? One of the screenshots (the Izzy tennis ball one) looks like there might be an elevator in the background. Maybe the Earth Pony and Unicorn kingdoms don't have stuff like this?
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Oh, and one more thing. I was into the theory that Sunny and Hitch were siblings, but since Pipp and Zipp are confirmed to be siblings that's less likely now.
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I feel like the complaints about them adding phones feels like the same ones thrown when cartoons first started implementing Television Sets onto their shows back then, it's technology moving forward and taking over our daily lives.
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Zipp is the new Rainbow Dash and Hitch is the new Braeburn apparently. 😆
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