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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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According to the leaked plushies, Pipp’s cutie mark is a double music note with the top part being a crown. So she is the Princess of Pop, then…
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Shower thought: Each main G5 character should have a theme song to them that describes their characters. Just like how Sonic has that It Doesn’t Matter song or Tails has that Believe in Myself song.

Regarding G4, I think Pinkie’s Smile Song is the clearest example of a “personal theme”. A few of the otber leads have similar, but mostly on the Equestria Girls side of things.
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#1 Spikeabuse Fan
Oops, my comments on G5 images are getting removed. I guess I’m supposed to direct criticism here. Hopefully I don’t get banned again over those comments.
Anyway, THESE DESIGNS ARE UNBELIEVABLY FUCKING HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are people pretending that these CG roadkill abominations looks “cute” in any way?! They’re fucking AWFUL!!!!!!!!!
Now don’t get me wrong, I think the writing could potentially be okay. But the designs SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uncanny valley as fuck.

I don’t think so….I think those little sing-along themes were for the ponies only, but I could be wrong.
I agree.
They just take a little getting used to that’s all, they could be worse knowing what the past Mlp3D animations were like (-Those were straight up horrifying). It’s not always about looks, so hopefully their personalities are good.
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I believe Rainbow Dash has at least two theme songs going for her… it’s just that they’re about Equestria Girls’ Rainbow Dash, haha.
I don’t know about uncanny valley, but all I’m seeing when I’m looking at Sunny or Izzy is the same face that’s apparently been on every female character in every CGI movie for ages, just attached to a quadruped rather than the usual humanoid. To the point where with her braid, I’m always seeing Frozen’s Elsa for one second before seeing Sunny.
And then there’s Hitch, whose sole appearance so far starred DreamWorks’ trademark infamously smug and punchable grin.
Maybe that does qualify as uncanny valley, mind.
Yeah, my memory isn’t 100% on this. But if I recall correctly, most of what we were shown was from the (sometimes distant) past rather than their cultures nowadays.
That’s a subjective and selfish wish though, born from my goal to transpose Avatar: The Last Airbender’s speech about the four nations on ponies without involving anyone that could count as a protagonist.

That’s true, but we also got to take into account how far into the future gen 5 is. Is Spike dead? I’m just going to assume there is going to be Spike Jr or something along those lines….
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Peace to all
I think it’s the 3d tripping you up, not the designs themselves. They look pretty good in 2d:  

Not sure if I feel as strong as @Knight of the Raven but that complaint still holds up as one is just a style internal to a show while the other was a style that feels too much like everything else in 3d.
@Background Pony #7A60  
I didn’t find Hello Pinkie’s animation entirely bad but yes, both of those examples are definitely inferior to what we have currently have seen so far.
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I’ll start with a (big) off-topic aside in answer to Latecomer, because that’s an idea I don’t mind sharing.
I dabble in video editing from time to time and as I gave more attention to the crystal ponies, I was inspired (without success so far) to make a video with Iroh’s speech about the four nations, but with the four pony tribes instead.
“Ambitious” can be used to describe basically any main unicorn from Twilight and Rarity to Sunset, Starlight and Tempest—whereas Rainbow Dash is the only one out of the other four Mane 6 who wasn’t content with what she already had—so they certainly “have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.”
Not sure about “diverse,” but ‘strong, resistant and enduring’ is basically the earth ponies down to a T.
The similarity with Air Nomads relies more on headcanon and personal interpretations than actual facts if I remember correctly, but ‘detaching themselves from worldly concerns and finding peace and freedom’ can easily describe pegasi.
And what tipped me off in the first place… It’s only half—maybe even only a third—of Iroh’s description of the Water Tribes, but “they have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything” immediately brought to my mind the folks from the frozen north whose racial hat literally is love.
This concept as a whole was inspired by the old video Tribute to the Four Nations. Here’s an updated, high res version for those interested.
Looking back at the original inspiration, I wouldn’t actually need to make my little video main character-free, but that’s a personal choice. Also brings some (thematically appropriate) balance, considering the whole ‘no crystal pony protagonist’ deal.
Sorry for the big off-topic aside, but again, that’s an idea I’m happy to share. And now, the actual topic…
Ah, I wasn’t complaining, just explaining why G5 felt off to me: I’m always reminded of another show whenever I look at it. Wholly subjective, just like me seeing Totally Spies’ Clover and Soul Reaver’s Raziel every time I look a little too closely at She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’s Adora and Shadow Weaver. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Huntara somewhere in some Dragon Ball, too!
I’ll always consider Lauren Faust’s greatest contribution to G4 to be, not the universe or the characters, but these gorgeous art style and character designs.
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