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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Pipp’s wings aren’t white either. They look like they turn more red or pink.
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They brought many familiar faces from the previous generations in Friendship is Magic, so the change in creative team doesn’t prevent Discord’s return. Worse, he’s the one familiar face who could come back as himself rather than a new interpretation of the character, what with his powers and probable knowledge of the fourth wall.
And yeah, Discord’s ‘reformation’ has always been a case of Luke & co. bringing Palpatine back from the dead, then looking the other way every time he genocides half a planet, because hey, it’s only half a planet. It’s only half as bad as what he could actually do!
Maybe that was one reason for this hypothetical war against Princess Twilight in G5’s past? She’s already thrown Equestria under the bus twice, first to save her friends and then to save the mare who’d just conquered Canterlot and just said she’d gladly do the same to the rest of the world, and after that she enabled the Bracchus Rex of their E-rated world for her entire reign. Not exactly a leader who can be trusted, is she? Even good guys would have reasons to want her gone.

To talk about something nicer, with this apparent focus on the different races of ponies, I hope we’ll actually get to see their cultures this time. We’ve learned a lot about griffons, hippogriffs, changelings and yaks, when their ‘civilization’ amounts to one glorified village each, but pegasus, unicorn or earth pony culture? I don’t remember anything about them, other than Applejack’s usual ego trip.
Crystal ponies got a little luckier, thankfully. I wonder if we’ll see them again.
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@icey wicey 1517  
Oh here
-first Trailer is coming soon  
-Tara Strong will be voicing a surprise character at the end of season 1  
-Sunny destiny will be clear by end of movie at least what higher ups are calling “Act 1”

Ponychan or whatever, has been 50/50 when it comes to leaks being true or not. Also…  
-Tara Strong will be voicing a surprise character at the end of season 1
Interesting. Did Tara Strong herself confirmed that yet,or no one knows?
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@Background Pony #96FB
I don’t know, these are so vague that they could turn out to be true, not because they actually had insider info but because they’re just safe guesses. The most specific one is the Tara Strong info and that’s impossible to prove right or wrong for a while.
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-Tara Strong will be voicing a surprise character at the end of season 1
That “The Force Awakens” spoof comic might turn out to be true after all?

The most logical thing to think when hearing Tara Strong will be voicing someone, is to think she would be voicing Twilight.  
I’m teetering around the idea of that since Tara, during a stream, said Twilight won’t return for generation 5.  
However, it could all come down to her maybe not actually knowing what was going on at the time in terms of gen 5, so she could have just guess from what information she have been told.
Or she is not voicing Twilight at all, and maybe she’s voice acting a descendant or someone with a relation to Twilight in some way.
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