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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I don’t know. Of all the characters, I feel like he has the highest chance of coming back for one episode. Like I said before, the could want to test/troll the new Mane Six to see if they’re up to snuff like the previous Mane Six.
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I could imagine Discord showing up as an unnamed spirit character for like one episode, giving our main characters some sort of test…kinda like some episodes of ATLA? The ones with one-time spirits? So G4 fans go “Holy crap that’s Discord!” while G5-onlies are like “Whoa, mysterious chaos spirit!”
So a bit like a glorified cameo. He can have a slightly different design and a different voice but still similar enough to clearly be Discord. But not as an actually established character like he was in G4.
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As much as I enjoyed Discord as a recurring character, I don’t think the creative opportunities it afforded outweigh the problems it created, both from a writing standpoint and in-universe.
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I very much doubt that Discord will appear in any way, it’ll makes the connections with G4 seem more superfluous and confusing. Again, I want G5 to stand on its own rather than relying too much on the previous generation.
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Eh, I say he’s half of half of G4’s worst baggage. The other half half would be Starlight. :P
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Pretty sure place names and off hoof remarks about previous adventures (and the occasional merchandise cameo) are gonna be the most we get connecting G4 to G5.

Off the topic of Discord, I went looking on gen 5 wiki and I found this little tidbit pretty cool.  
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Agreed. I wouldn’t like it (probably).
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That would be hilarious and more fitting.
I was always mixed on his redemption as well. I think they could get away with him appearing if he was weakened or degraded in some way (age, Twilight Sparkle weakened his power out of distrust, he is turned to stone again and only go into the dream world). Not sure if the show is even lore heavy enough from that type of thing to pull it off.
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Greetings from the not so far future, in about a year from now. I have come to be the bringer of bad news, G5 will be such a huge let down that the fandom totaly, colapsed in the comming late November. After that it didn’t take more than 2 Months before ever artist on this put them self on the DNP list & requested that all of their art should be taken down. By the mid of Feb 2022, this site holds nothing more than screencaps & memes that nobody even cares about & by the end of March of 2022 the Mods & Admins didn’t see much point in having this site up anymore & took it down on 28th of March. The only thing that you will se when going onto this site is the PFUDOR video playing on loop for eternity.
Doubt it, do you agree?
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