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I know I’m slow to watch new tyt episodes but I saw the new episode and honestly it was adorable and it seems at long last misty has sister in laws.which means any ship pics involving misty and zipp and pipp are now technically incest.
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I seen It as well, and already there’s two theories:
  1. The Wendygoes are back
  2. Cloudale/Weather Factory or the remains of it have arrive at Zephyr Heights…
    After all, the entire town is at top of the mountains, so its make sense for somthign much bigger and higher up to float over it…
Also would that make sense for some of the rain that appeared in prevoise comics…? Or is that a little too much?
Background Pony #13BA
Would be crazy and sad if there’s a moment where the mane 6 learn from Zipp that all their hard work went down the drain in a short amount of time.
Background Pony #9575
Leaked description of the first issue from a 4chan user who got early access to it. (Note: I don’t agree with their views, I’m just sharing for those who want to know what happens. TW:Implied bigotry.)
I managed to get an early copy of the comic. The story is less about G4 clashing with G5 and more of a “Zipp Identity Crisis” story, which ends with Zipp declaring that she is, at heart, a stallion, hence why she chose Zipp since it’s “gender inclusive” (I’m not kidding, she fucking says this).
It’s super rushed, really shittily done and it straight up ruins Zipp’s character. I don’t know why writers keep fucking doing this.
Only decent thing about this comic is that the G4 Mane Six do show up, but halfway through and they’re only in there for 3 pages before disappearing. They provide absolutely no substance to the story.
I know IDW is its own thing, but I don’t want them adapting this shit to TYT. Zipp is one of the few things worth watching the show for, and when shit like this gets introduced, it becomes all the character is from now on. They throw out their good traits and make being LGBTQIXHWKRIDUSG+ their only value, which nowadays means fucking nothing.
I’m so tired.
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Reminds me of when a few Equestria Daily commenters threw a hissy fit over Dust Devil being non-binary… even though it’s so subtle that it had to be confirmed in a tweet. Anyway, I doubt 4chan is a reliable source.
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It is Whitley and Price who are behind the comics where Zipp seems to live up to her potential queen name, “Queen Storm” when she confronts an uncontrolled weather phenomenon that could be an automatic weather control station that had gotten out of control. But since G4 is involved, it’s possible that it’s the post-Clouddale ruins that have come to Zephyr Heights, perhaps attracted by the magically active pegasi - and then Zipp might be the right pony for such a situation. If she manages to preserve the ruins after solving the problem, the pegasi will gain an insight into their lost past.
Also, highly doubt that Whitley and Price will create “rubbish”, although identity crisis is a subject they had specialized in in older works. Furthermore; doesn’t it take quite a while after the covers are published, before the comics appear? Sometimes a couple of months.
And if the Mane 6 from G4 are involved, it’s possible that these were flashbacks and memories the pegasi had created when Twilight reigned, but it could become important for Zipp who not only has to confront her fears related to her future role, but also what a legacy she will have for a proud and warlike people, who had her mother deposed because she deceived them. The pegasi have not broken with their past as a warlike and violent people from the time of the legendary Hurricane, although they have become quite peaceful. And Zipp knows this, she had personally witnessed what a beast they are.
We know that in the end she will help out her people and not fail her obligations, and this may be what Whitley is focused on. So she’s going to be Queen Storm in the future, and that’s what the covers suggest. We have seen in TYT 2.0 that she seemed to embrace her destiny as she fearlessly confronted a stormy weather.
The cover of Juni Ba is epic - “The Storm of Zephyr Heights”. And we know who it is.
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Misty Shadow
I’m gonna call BS on this unless I see some really solid evidence.
I’m in your camp, friend. After lies about AI in TYT followed up by that whole “Season 10 of FiM confirmed” silliness, I’m not exactly in the mood for just reading and believing.
Anyway, wanted to share this.
Congratulations Robin Jacks, you’re the new Makaryo! :D
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“Don’t forget that those Together Trees are continuing what Season 10 started with multiple Trees of Harmony! ;)”
Have a theory that the together trees are much older, maybe all the way back to G1 (in the G4 world) and when the pillars combined their magic when the seed is planted by Star Swirl, the original plan may be to leave a together tree as a memory after them, for the help of future generations after them. Star Swirl was visibly confused when he saw the tree for the first time. I think it’s due to the huge magical concentrations in Everfree, which he may have ignored because he didn’t consider what could happen to a together tree planted there. So when the Harmony tree arose, and when its roots spread around the world, other together trees that we know were not reserved only for ponies, other harmony trees will arise.
This unfortunately led to the “Harmony Knights” seeking out the original source behind their power, and their arrogance and hubris quickly followed into conflict with others, sending the world into serious crisis. Which seemed to last for many centuries. We can only hope that Twilight had eliminated Cunabula in the end, this mysterious land with the chimeran beings was the “enemy” against which the whole world was united. I am still personally convinced that Grogar was involved when Cunabula originated.
In S10, Twilight was in an “expansive” mood, launching friendship expeditions all over the world - which are unfortunately cut short by Covid. “Equestria today, in the morning the world”, was what she said in S9, even though it was about the windigos. We know from Opaline herself and indirectly from Spike, that she had established an empire, which might encompass the whole world, where the many harmony trees and perhaps together trees were essential. But it had a weakness; if the magic disappears - pop. The Empire, which may have been more like the UN in our world, collapsed as Opaline described it. It’s also possible that Twilight’s absence caused everything to collapse at the end, and Spike’s remarks about Sunny in MYM could point to a desire to restore what was lost. For him this was personal.
S10 explains a lot to us about the big world out there, and a lot of the lore is not connected to Discovery’s G4. Currently, the small remarks and hints through G5 indicate that much of what happened in S10 may have had an impact on the new world.
It is possible that there is an empty throne reserved for Sunny out there in the world, and one day, perhaps at the end of G5, she will make her choice to rule Twilight Sparkle’s empire or not. Spike seemed to have an interest in this. And it’s inevitable that the dragons must emigrate to have new baby dragons, so Spike will come into contact with old acquaintances and strangers, who remembered the Element of Magic that had done so much good for the world.
So when the New Mane 6 comes to the rest of the world, they have already started to make themselves known in the seven seas, it will be very interesting. But there is always an “End Boss” in any story, and G5 is likely not an exception, because the Element of Hope may have to face her counterpart. We don’t know who it will be. But it is allowed to hope that it will be the one who bases his power and magic on fear. And we know who it is.
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House of the Arcana
That’s one of my favourite points about this comic arc, villains that aren’t villains for the sake of it. Like the ones before the Knights are pretty much aware that they are evil. The Knights are Templars of sorts.
The former part, yes. I highly doubt they would proceed with the latter part about non-ponies having Together Trees given they were originally intended to be the trees of Harmony for all 3 races and not one ponykind for some reason. But lo and behold, that’s how Season 10 begun and end.
@Background Pony #A159
They don’t seem to remember they’ve posted this and either both they and the comment section are pretending S10 comics didn’t happen or they genuinely forgot or they don’t know about it. Because HNW is definitely the latter coming from g5 first.
Chris Cocks or whatever Chris Cox we have. Very common name and I’m not talking about just the ‘Chris’ part.
History repeats.
@Background Pony #9575
I know IDW can be hit or miss but I doubt they will go as far as that. Yeah, first of all we got Lyra and Bon Bon, no one complained. Regarding IDW’s side of things, for the LGBTQ part, they have Celaeno and Ocypete as lovers, both whom are female. And for the crossover part, even in Generations, they don’t come that late, so it still is of sorts. If anything, this 4channer described it more like a cameo. And given that it is 4chan and also the troll that happened a few weeks ago, I’m very skeptical any of this would happen. And anyway, Hasbro wouldn’t allow it. They practically forced TYT onto everything so I don’t think it will happen.
And they started doing only just after hearing of it too. Apparently they want to be in their blissful ignorance where they don’t want such words being uttered. And anyway, Dust Devil is exclusive to the comics. The show refuses to put other zebras, any comic canon and whatever politics anyway. Unless you count Violette as their exception.
@Background Pony #23F1
By that logic, the Discord arc is a crossover despite not being advertised as such.
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Background Pony #23F1
It is Whitley and Price who are behind the comics where Zipp seems to live up to her potential queen name, “Queen Storm”
So… is the implication that Queen Haven goes by her “surname”?
We never learned the Queen’s full name. But the word “Haven” means safe place, place of refuge, sanctuary - and stronghold. Her personality proved that she lived up to her queenly name. It is possible that it is a pony tradition with a pegasus twist, because all known pegasi have “surnames” that characterize them. So it stands to reason that Zipp will one day become Queen Storm as her name suggests.
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@Background Pony #9575
Yeah, I don’t buy that, especially it happening in the first issue (since I believe it’s going to be a 3-part miniseries). I think it’s just a 4chan anon making up something to be transphobic/otherwise bigoted.
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I imagine that they will lean into Zipp being a tomboy. I mean, when everyone got dressed up for a party we did see the other girls in dresses while Hitch and Zipp were in tux’s.
But I very much doubt go any further than that.
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Even f they did do something important as”Zipp decides to become a stallion”, i think that’d be something that’d happen on any of the TYT shorts/G% specials, and not in the comics where not a lot of people pay attention to (and whose canon is dubious)
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