MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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soooo, does anyone know how far in the future g5 is relative to "the last problem"? 100 years? 1000 years?
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Aren’t the ponies now segregated by tribe? That means the CMCs are either a single tribe organization (probably Earth Ponies) or each tribe has its own separated CMC group who probably claims that they were the first one and the others copied them.
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Unicorns join the Canterlot Mares Club (those that can afford to anyway), Pegasi join the Crusaders (which are mostly military brats) and Earth ponies join the Filly Scouts of Equestria.

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I've been thinking, since not everyone has Netflix, there'll most likely be streaming parties going on when the movie is dropped, so the people who don't have Netflix can still enjoy what G5 has to offer.
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'In Fall' could also mean like in the 'ending week of fall', which would be December.
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I had a horrible dream we got another character reveal, a translucent sea pony queen named spackleberry seasponge.
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