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Going into episode 3 and my biggest gripe is now simple the characters are. Zipp is always in detective mode rather than jumping at the opportunity when something peaks her interest, Pipp is always about her music rather than also caring about her shop and Izzy is just...loud.

Sunny hasn't really gotten much of a role yet so waiting on her turn. Hitch is the only one so far that actually seems to have even a modicum of depth.

After that the animation is just meh. Compare Sunny's [literal star-eyed fangirling when she met Discord](/search?q=fangirl+sunny) in the comics or the [low-key horror when Izzy used her toothbrush to clean her ear in TYT](/images/2841326?q=nightmare+roommate%2C+sunny+starscout) to her very subdued expression upon seeing ||Twilight's message||. None of that expressiveness carries over to MYM. On that same point everyone sounds too loud in MYM even though their character models look like they should be speaking softly.
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