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-Joshua Graham: Sprout Cloverleaf (only in A Maretime Bay Adventure but he may return to voice the character in the Make Your Mark series because he's a VA from Toronto as well)

-Rush Marshall: Phyllis Cloverleaf (her first name may have been misspelled in the credits for the Mane Melody episode, as I failed to find her in the internet but I found a Ruth Marshall who is an actress and lives in Toronto)

-Amanda Martinez: Queen Haven, Dazzle Feather (she may also voiced the Shadowy Alicorn, as she kinda sounded like an evil Haven)

-Andrew Jackson: Alphabittle Blossomforth, Berries

-Athena Karkanis: Zoom Zephyrwing, Fifi, Glory

-Jonathan Tan: Thunder Flap, Skye Silver, Rocky, Philly

-AJ Bridel: Onyx

-Samantha Bielanski: Jazz Hooves

-Kimberly Ann Truong: Posey Bloom

-Sara Alicia Garcia: Dahlia

-Jonathan Tan (except Foal Me Once)/JJ Gerber (Foal Me Once): Rufus

-Kaia Oz: Seashell

-Lola Kaplan: Flame

-Vanessa Sears (I may have misspelled her name)
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