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(grin) Well, if I'm honest, that's how I feel, too. For example, even though I always said in G4 that Starlight, Trixie and Sunset were my three favorites, I didn't love Pinkie Pie any less because of that. Or the other Mane Six. And all the many very lovable side characters.

I think I had themis in my profile for quite a while, too: I don't believe in Waifus. What I meant by that was that I really didn't like having to choose between any characters. After all, you love everyone for the different strengths, weaknesses and character traits. Will say: I just do not believe / think in extremes. That's why there is nothing best or worst for me. And therefore of course no clear favorite.

But I still have to say, Izzy is very, very close to my heart. ;-)
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