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Okay, now I've read the comic as well. Essentially, you can already find the main scenes here on the site. There is not much missing and you get the whole picture together. And even if I'm not sure yet how far this plot will make it into the show, I still have to say two things about it:

1.) ||Discord is not completely wrong with his opinion. But the way he acts is once again typical of him. He says one thing, does another. And vice versa. I have the feeling he believes to be in the right as always. But it also shows an incredible mistrust on Discord's part in the ponies' ability to keep Friendship and Harmony going. And as far as that goes, he's not wrong.||

2.) ||I don't think Twilight is acting out of character by creating the Unity Crystals. We simply know too little about the crisis that was going on at the time. In Discord's words, "Then truely things happened, much which is too frightful to describe. Things in Equestia became even more divided."||

Also missing is the entire part explaining why the three crystals were eventually separated. So there's not really anything to spoil here. Also, a certain character (||Shadowy Alicorn||) is only briefly hinted at. You can already guess who that is. Not only because of the silhouette, but also the demeanor. But what is REALLY going on with the *Great Pony Tribe War 14-18 TA* (Twilight's ascension) before the creation of the crystals and afterwards is not explained. So everything is again as before only pure speculation.

It looks like Twilight's reign definitely lasted for some time. And I can't imagine that she didn't inform the leaders of the other races beforehand, or that she didn't get permission from them to create the crystals. If it is, THEN this is really a very stupid writing. But we are not yet so far to be able to say that with certainty. If we will ever get certainty about it. The show seems to love its loose ends, cough, cough. ;-)
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