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Sure...but it would require a deft touch in order to keep it tonally consistent. One of my (retrospectively) big criticisms of the _They should make FiM_ a more PG-rated show!_ is that it would change the foundational tone and feel of the show; and diving into the political implications of the leader of one nation having a nuclear option (essentially) that no other leader of any other nation has, not to mention said leader isn’t democratically elected, isn’t really something FiM was geared up to deal with.

If G5 does examine it and falls face-first while doing so, some of the blame would be laid at Faust’s feet, since she’s the one who came up with (or at least approved of) the whole _princesses control celestial bodies_ thing. That would also confirm why it would make sense to make G5 it’s own thing instead of sticking to G4’s setting.
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