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IDW Comics - Story Discussion (Spoilers)

Background Pony #20A5
Her weak backstory is another reason, actually.
Well, probably cause some/most people only see good in them, that and the potential for shippings, Like Fluttercord.
Just Wayne
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@Background Pony #20A5
The point isn’t why and what makes her unpopular. It’s that justifying hate toward her with the lack of popularity is shallow and weak. That is one method of bullying, doing it to someone because they’re not as popular in school.
Background Pony #8652
True, but still.
There are many reasons why Starlight unfortunately gets hated, but the main 4?
  1. Her low popularity.
  2. The fact she was stealing cutie marks and brainwashed ponies that lived in her town.
  3. Her abrupt reformation.
    And lastly:
  4. The fact that she mind controlled the mane 5, during her time as Twilight’s student. Sure, she apologized, but most of the fandom didn’t.
I like starlight, but I think these 4 are why she’s hated.
I also like discord, and I understand you don’t like him, so I won’t say anything about it.

yeah and he is just seems so mischevious and is funny. I’m usually never been obsessed with the whole team pet/mascot to sell merchadise or whatever u wanna call it. I think the fact that reginald isn’t trying to be overly cute makes me like him so much.
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