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The problem here is, the comics took an issue the show had up to eleven, and that’s the oversaturation of characters, and it’s compounded by them not being developed properly. They’re almost all reducible to one or two traits
That’s exactly my problem and why I stopped reading Season 10 after the Abyssinian arc. You have this group of six characters who are sent to explore a new location, which is already a lot of stuff for a four issues comic. And then the story introduces five new characters on top of that and tries to sell them to us as Bearers of a different set of Elements of Harmony fighting a boring and forgettable villain.
To make matters worse IDW then decided to rush through an already clustered story by reducing the number of comics per issue.
Season 10 had lots of potential. If done right we could’ve even gotten a Season 11 and more. But then IDW decided to have an epic story arc without giving said story arc enough space to feel truly epic.
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IDW decided to have an epic story arc without giving said story arc enough space to feel truly epic.
As a long time reader, that’s not surprising. Pacing has been a recurring problem throughout the comic series. They regularly try to set up these needlessly complex, epic stories without the length or seriousness to make them work.

Team Hitch
While a regular collar shouldn’t be able to affect discord, it did lead to a great characterization moment of him recognizing his bad mistakes of not thinking things through in full and him not minding being in this predicament because he did the right thing by respecting the wishes of somepony he cares about.
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@Background Pony #E16B  
I would’ve rather given the Students (who in some aspects were underdeveloped) or the CMC some spotlight, especially considering they both got stained glass somehow. While whatever “obligatorily epic” IDW thing they came up with would’ve probably been rushed or something, at least they’re preestablished characters.  
The other thing that irks me about the mere thought of this is, you obviously don’t see any of these new races in the show’s finale, which only makes the plotline feel stranger.
Characterization aside, the lore aspects of it are really bad. If it was really that easy to defeat Discord, why was Tirek even a problem in S4? You could just snap any old wristband or collar on him, and he’d be unable to use magic even with the power of four alicorns in him. It also calls into question that if it were that easy to stop his magic, why did Celestia and Luna need the Elements?
It also doesn’t line up well with how successful the likes of Chrysalis were implied to be with her presumed conquests in other countries.

Team Hitch
While we dont know about the glasses window for the kids, we probably will by next chapter. But we at least know what spike was talking about with diamond dogs and abyssaisans
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Unfortunately, i doubt there will be any cozy at all in the comics, considering 102 and the generations mini-series are the last g4 comics.
Background Pony #F850
Forgot to add this:  
It may be possible G4 might (Emphasis on might) continue, but we’ll have to wait until the November IDW Solicitation.
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Just a thought:  
Do you think if it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would’ve likely gotten a longer arc?
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@Background Pony #F850  
No because I honestly don’t think it was just the pandemic that killed the comics. This arc was just really bad and I don’t know anyone was actually interested in seeing more of it, and given how the Zebra homeland went, I don’t know if I could stomach, that exact same thing 3 more times

Team Hitch
i mean take it seriously to an extent, like ultimately as much as we enjoy it we gotta remember this is a kids franchise and that the show itself always had its flaws so ofc the comics will as well. Im not insulting anyone here im just hoping at the very least most can enjoy it for what it is, instead of allowing every single flaw ruin the good of the story and the good experience that can be had.
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